Why do I get error message OL-297-A when trying to update from Wells Fargo

As of 7 April 2013, using Quicken 2012?

Quicken shows that the bank information was received and updated, but the register entries will not load. Quicken reports it is unable to verify financial institution information for this download.   The date and time are correct in the computer.  Firewall is temporarily off.  Wells Fargo and its sites are in the list of trusted sites.  TLS 1 is off and no checks required for certificates or signatures.  Thanks for any ideas. 


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This error will usually be seen in the Connlog as one of these statements: 

  • "A connection with the server could not be established.  Please make sure your Internet connection is working. Your web browser can be used to verify your conne..."
  • "Some or all of the information you have entered is invalid."
  • "The certificate authority is invalid or incorrect."
  • "An error occurred in the secure channel support."

There may be other, similar messaging in the Connlog.

Read the log (The bottom has the most recent connection attempt and errors) to see if this occurs with only one financial institution/URL, or if you see similar statements for multiple financial institutions.

If only one financial institution (FI) displays one of these errors in the Connlog, possible causes are:

  1. The FI (or their service provider) has an expired or incorrectly installed SSL Security Certificate on one (or more) of their processing servers.
  2. The FI requires an additional "identification" or security layer that is currently unsupported by Quicken, such as a one-time passcode sent via email, a "new computer" connection cookie, or "first time" user temporary login authentication.
  3. Quicken has incorrect account/routing or user information stored in the data file, possibly due to a recent FI merger/migration or the restoring of an old backup over current, newer data.
  4. The Quicken User has activated a service that isn't enabled at the FI (such as bill pay or email).
Wells Fargo has an excellent Online Banking Support staff who can usually resolve any OL error message they're contacted for.  Quicken Support cannot resolve this issue, as we do not have access to the FI server(s) to correct Certificate or login issues or to confirm customer account information that should be used in Quicken. I strongly recommend you contact them 800-956-4442 for further assistance.

NOTE: If this error is occurring for more than one FI, then the problem is with Quicken being able to connect to those FIs - typically, firewall, an aggressive anti-spam or anti-malware filter, parental-control style application or service running on the system where Quicken is installed, or even network permissions being restricted (for those who are updating on their employers network, for example).
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Quicken Tamara , Quicken Beta Manager
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