Quicken Mobile Android App Will Not Sync With Quicken

What is the secret to connecting and updating Wells Fargo accounts in the Quicken mobile app on an Android smartphone? 

Quicken 2013 desktop connects to and updates Wells Fargo Accounts okay, no problem.  In Quicken 2013 desktop when I go to “Mobile and Alerts” and click “Sync Now” then the desktop and mobile Wells Fargo accounts synchronize and update each other with no problem. 


The problem connecting with Wells Fargo occurs using Quicken Mobile on the Androiod smart phone only.  All accounts including credit cards connect to the financial institutions and update okay except the Wells Fargo bank accounts.


In Quicken 2013 Mobile, under accounts, it always says there is a sign in problem with the Wells Fargo bank accounts. The message says "Incorrect Username or Password" and to verify my credentials or go to Quicken Desktop and update Financial Institution information. So I click "edit" on the mobile and then type in what I know to be the correct user name and password for Wells Fargo (exactly the same as in my Quicken 2013 desktop password vault).  A new message on the smartphone still always returns "Incorrect Username or Password." 

Quicken tech support's response [Incident: 13####-00####] suggested deactivating then reactivating Wells Fargo accounts then to try and sync with Quicken 2013 on my desktop with my mobile.  Somehow I may not be explaining the problem clearly.  I don’t think inactivating then reactivating the Wells Fargo accounts on the desktop is the correct solution as the desktop connects to Wells Fargo and also syncs between the desktop and the mobile with no problem.  Again, the problem is solely with the mobile app on an Android smartphone not connecting to and downloading accounts with Wells Fargo. 


Last week I received an email from Quicken containing a weekly summary of account balances and transactions.  Interestingly, the email from Quicken stated that it was not able to connect to the Wells Fargo accounts.


In the Quicken FAQs or Knowledgebase, it says Wells Fargo uses a token and must be signed into each time Quicken Mobile is opened. However, as mentioned above that does not work as Wells Fargo does not acknowledge the correct username and password when entered in the Mobile app.

 I have seen several older related threads (the most relevant is closed) but with no solution that is apparent to me.  What is the secret to connecting and updating Wells Fargo accounts in the Quicken mobile app on an Android smartphone? 


Thank you.  


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I am using direct connect for Wells Fargo in Quicken 2013 desktop. The following helpful Quicken Support response I received worked for me so I can now use my mobile device to download and sync transactions when away from the desktop:

De-activate and re-activate the account. The steps to de-activate and re-activate are as follows -

Please follow the steps mentioned in the link below to deactivate your account -

Note - Please create a backup copy of your original data file before deactivating the account.

Title - Deactivate Online Banking Services for a Quicken Account
Link - http://quicken.intuit.com/support/help/GEN82055

Now, please follow the steps mentioned below to activate your account -

1. Open Quicken and go to the Tools menu >> Account List.
2. Highlight the account in question and click on the “Edit” button.
3. Please click on the “Online Services” tab, present on the top, left corner of the new window.
4. Click on the “Setup Now” button.

Now try to sync your mobile.

A subsequent Quicken Support response to a follow-up question I received  was:

visit the link I gave you initially. The link also suggests de-activate and re-activate the account and then sync.

Title - Quicken 2013 Mobile Sync Reports Incorrect Password
Link - http://quicken.intuit.com/support/help/SLN64115

Moreover, please validate your data file. To validate your data file, please visit the link given below and follow the steps given in the link.

Note - Please create a backup copy of your original data file before validation.

Title: Basic troubleshooting to correct data file damage
Link: http://quicken.intuit.com/support/help/GEN82035

After doing the above, my mobile phone now connects to Wells Fargo and downloads account  transactions.  I do sometimes have to re-enter the WF user ID and password on the mobile device  if a message comes back saying "temporary connection error".  Also, the "validate your data file" suggestion was good as Quicken found several errors in the data file that needing fixing.
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