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How can I change the font size in Quicken Essentials for Mac?

    You can't.  You will have to alter things like your screen resolution in the operating system.
    • Are you familiar wit the 'Accessibility' features in Mac OSX?

      I find the Zoom feature extremely useful to mitigate my vision limitations.
    • I'm just curious JM.  How does the Windows version of this compare?  What does it lack that they Mac version has.  I don't have vision problems (well nothing glasses don't correct "old eyes"), but I have looked at the one on Windows and it seemed to "get in the way" a lot.
    • My only recent Windows experience is with XP and Vista on spouses LT.
      These have the Magnifier feature which I resort too when trouble shooting some issue for her.
      Yes, agree it gets in the way. The fixed pane takes up screen space which reduces space for the app - e.g., QWin gets squished down and pop-up windows trail off the screen - can't get to the Close or Done button!
      The 'floating' magnifier pane covers up quite a bit of the app display.
      Don't care for either of these options - compared to what I can do on my iMac (20").

      The Mac has magnifier options similar to Wins' - a fixed pane or a floating pane that follows the cursor. Have fiddled with these but do not use them routinely.

      I do use the font controls and zoom options.
      In browsing (Safari) - have font adjustment icons in the tool bar - very convenient.
      A double-tap on the mouse gives one a zoom-to-fit action; e.g., I can fill the screen side-to-side with the text window we are now looking at - the stuff at the edges disappears.
      Thus a combination of increased font size and zoom-to-fit generally gets me through QLC browsing.

      Also, for items such as online news articles, there is a 'Reader'  feature - clicking the Reader icon brings up an overlay that presents just the text in a large font with good, sharp contrast - all the adds, color, and miscellaneous clutter are ignored.

      For apps such as Quicken, I use the full screen zoom extensively. A designated key/mouse scroll combination gives one full screen zoom - in or out - to the degree desired.
      The peripheral areas disappear on zooming in.
      One has a choice of how the zoomed area follows mouse movement. I can zoom in on the Quickens display, and with a slight left-right and/or up-down mouse movement, scan the full Quicken display. Another example; I can zoom in on a transaction entry pop-up, key in the info, and proceed.

      All-in-all Mac has some handy vision enhancement features.
      Don't know if WIN7 has improved in this area.
    • I don't think that Win 7 is any different then the previous releases.

      Thanks for the nice description of how you do it.

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