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Quicken 2013 won't acceept my EdFinancial Services student loan log-in info - error code CC-503.

My student loan is through EdFinancial Services. I'm using Quicken Premier 2013. When I attempt to set-up the account Quicken finds EdFinancial Services in the list of loan providers, but when I attempt to enter my User ID and Password I get error code CC-503. I went to the EdFinancial website and found out my password wasn't meeting the sites requirements (it needed a character like a @ or $ or #). I changed my password to make sure it met the EdFinancial requirements, but again after attempting to create the account in Quicken it still gave me error code CC-503. I also tried exiting QUicken and restarting it but no dice, still cannot create this account.

Is there a know issue with EdFinancial services?
    • Already tried that. No luck. My user name and password are correct (verified by using them to log into the EdFInancial Services website) but Quicken Premier 2013 won't create the account and keeps giving me the CC-503 error code.
    • I'm wondering if the problem is that EdFinancial Services has a log in page for your username that sends you to a separate URL for you to log int with your password. Could this be causing Quicken to not create the account?
    • What exactly did you already try?
    • I verified my login information by
      1. Start > All Programs > Accessories > Notepad to open a new, blank TXT document (please do not use Microsoft Word or any other text/document application that provides formatting & spell-check capabilities);
      2. Type the User Name & Password/PIN you use to log into the financial institution website;
      3. Go to the financial institution website & Copy/Paste the User Name and Password lines from the Notepad into the appropriate login fields on the website to confirm they successfully log you in.

      I did not Launch Quicken and go to Tools > Password Vault > Add/Edit Passwords; Click Change Password for the User name; Copy/Paste the password from Notepad into both of the password fields on this form & click Change, then click Done because this account has not been created yet (because Quicken won't accept the username and password and keeps giving me the error code. I also did not do #3 in your link (If the customer ID needs to be changed in Quicken to match the website) because I cannot even create the account in Quicken Premier 2013.

      Quicken finds EdFinancial Services in its list of loans, but won't accept the username and password I use to log into EdFinancial Services. Quicken found my Wife's student loan (ACS) and accepted her user name and password with no problems. This is really irritating because I stopped using (which had no issues finding and syncing to all my accounts), which is owned by Quicken, and bought Quicken Premier 2013 thinking it was a better program. also was able to find my pension retirement plans, but Quicken premier can't.
    • I am having the same issue as matthew.maxwell¬†¬†The only help that seems to be offered is that the we are too stupid to type in our login and password correctly. Anyone with some real solutions? I can connect my loans on with no issues, so the problem must lie with Quicken 2013.

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