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quicken essentials data lost

I have been using Quicken essentials for two years. Recently, the information I've entered has been lost. It keeps the data as of a particular date but loses the data after that point. It's happened twice.  I haven't made any other changes- updates, etc.

Any ideas?
  • Are you sure you are sorted by date and don't have any filters applied?
  • I also, seem to have lost all changes in my last two quicken sessions. (Feb 15th, and March 20).   I have been looking for the quicken data file all over my hard drive, then in all my backups.   They all (all instances of the quicken data file in the Time Machine volume) seem to be dated as of four months ago (Jan 22nd).   I keep careful notes on when I work on my finances, and I know I did some transaction entry and reconciliations on Feb 15th and March 20.   I am afraid this might have something to do with having the Quicken Data file in my DropBox  (as apposed to just being on the hard drive).
  • Well, we never heard back from Infcpa to see if his or her problem was resolved. But, as for DropBox: I can't say with certainty that it does or does not work with Quicken. But what I know about package data files and permissions issues, and from the tears shed from people who have encountered problems when trying to keep an active data file on an online backup storage system, I personally would not do so.

    As for Time Machine: when you go back in time, are you looking in the "Dropbox" folder? If DB is running, TM will be archiving the contents just like a local folder. Look there.

    Ideally, keep your copy local as intended. If you right click, compress, then you can safely store the zipped file on DB. Alternatively, you can File:Backup:to Disk and compress that, move to DB. That will keep a date in the name for you.
I have Quicken Essentials and have lost data twice. It only effects recent entries - as if they were not saved before the app quits. My data file is kept in my Documents folder inside my User folder. I do use Dropbox via a simlink. I cannot see a link between Dropbox and this issue.

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