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fix temp_account names which are preventing online set up of chase accounts

My Chase accounts stopped synching when I did one step update - the utility would run and connect to my bank, but no transactions would download (I have three chase accounts and one step update has worked fine for years - I currently am running quicken 2011).  I deleted the one step update data and made the accounts manual, then added the one step update data again and ran the utility.  This worked and the accounts synched again and downloaded data. However it would only work one time. To get it to download again a week later I would need to make the accounts manual and then add the onestep data all over again.  After doing this a few times. it stopped working. When one step update went to set up the linkage, it created temp_accounts.  it connected to chase and in the screen where you link the online data to an already created account, the screen showed "ignore" and had already linked the online account to a non-existent "temp" account.  I search for support and learned that to fix this error, you need to run the validate and repair utility.  I did that, it said it found and deleted the temp accounts.  I restarted quicken and ran the one step update set up again, and it created the temp accounts again.  I have tried running validate and repair again, but now its not recognizing/deleting the temp accounts at all.  How do I fix this problem?
  • You are aware that Chase has been down for a couple of days? - see
    Any attempts to activate or add accounts while an FI is unavailable will result in the unexpected behavior you describe.
  • This problem has been going on for at least a month and I never saw this error message pop up as a result.  I still need to know how to delete the temp accounts so when chase gets this situation sorted out I can reconnect . . .
  • You delete them on the Account List. Typically, when the TEMP_ (name) remains on the Account List, this is an indicator that your file is damaged.
  • These accounts are not listed on the account list (and I made sure I was viewing all accounts including the hidden ones).  As I mentioned in my post, I used the validate and repair function of quicken and its not finding and removing these accounts either.  How else can I fix this damaged file?
  • Contact Quicken Support. I provided you with the solutions available within the program for your data file. If you cannot find these accounts, Support will need to perform troubleshooting in order to provide you a solution you can implement.

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