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Quicken 2013 will not generate reports and I can't open previously created and saved reports.

 I validated my quicken file and it is fine.  I cannot even create reports in 2013.  How do i correct this? Thanks
    When in a report which does not generate, delete it and click on History.  Then run another report in that Report History.  One person in this Forum reported the missing reports problem in QW 2013.
      Here is yet another solution for the lost reports in the 2013 upgrade from another thread:

      "Lost saved reports?? I had the same problem after I upgraded to Q13, but I figured out a possible solution.
      Open the report, at the blank page, and click on the Customize link upper right side. Under the Display tab, notice if any of the options are checked under the "Show Columns" menu option. If not, check as many as you need. This should display the original report with all the original customizations. I worked for me.
      Apparently the Q upgrade cleared the Show Columns fields in some saved report. Hope this works for you. I found nothing useful on the boards here. "

      Post here which solution worked.
      • Baldy49 ...  The info / work around was posted on this forum a few days ago by another Quicken user and you undoubtedly read / learned the work around here. It is a viable work around.
      • By the way, I read all the answers on this Forum and save the best in a MS OneNote file.  Just reading here has enhanced my own use of Quicken immensely.  Frankly, I get far more out of reading Answers than supplying them.

        I hope you are doing the same.  The real value of this Forum is the SHARING of discoveries from different users.
      • tariegel  ...  The work around mentioned works.  Hopefully, this issue will be addressed in Quicken 2014.
      • Inflammatory post(s) - Inflammatory Content (not Intuit /  Quicken related) in each edited out.
      • Thank you for your responses.  I cannot even open the saved reports. When I click on the report, nothing happens so I am not sure that this work around will work for me.  Thanks though
      • After R12 release in 2013H&B any report saved in a folder is GONE. No way to open it as described because they don't exist anymore. Reports NOT IN FOLDERS are there and good. This has to be an issue bug, and a bad one.

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