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How to Change the web address of your bank?

Using q2007 successfully with latest os x.  However, for years now, when I hit the download button while in checking register to launch to my bank website - it goes to an outdated bank website for Bank of America.  I have not been able to figure out where to fix this.  I have to manually go to my bank website and sign in.  Then go back to Q2007 and download/import.  
Can someone tell me where to change the web address within quicken for my bank.  Right now , the "download" brings me to online.bankofamerica.com  which is incorrect.  It should direct me to https://www.bankofamerica.com/.   THanks.
  • I use QEM and it might be the same process for you.  Under accounts, there is a financial institution.  Click the "list" and then type in Bank of America.  There is a listing there that says "Bank of America Quicken" which lists the above URL as the link.  Choose that one.
  • Thanks -- I don't have a Bank of America Quicken-  even after updating the fin'l institution list.  It has a few BOA specific to state - and then a "Bank of America - All Other State".  I use quicken 2007 (for mac).
  • I will ask someone else to help you.
If your financial institution "options" in your Quicken Mac 2007 program shows Bank of America with CA or ID/WA after it (based on your description of "has a few BOA specific to state"), this means that your FIDir.txt is grossly outdated, which could be why you're seeing an incorrect URL in the program.

Bank of America merged all of those entries over the course of the past 23 months into the single Bank of America - All Other States BID.  For Quicken Essentials Mac, there's the added Quicken Connect option that's not available for Quicken Mac 2007, and would not show up on a QMac2007 FIDir.txt.

To make sure that your FIDir.txt is fully updated to the most recent/current list, follow http://quicken.intuit.com/support/help/GEN82706.html to update.  Once that's done:

1. Open your Account List
2. Edit your BofA account
3. Change the Download Transactions option from Web Site to Not Enabled
4. Changed the Financial Institution name at the top to Bank of America-All Other States
5. Change the Download Transactions back to Web Site

  • I checked - and acutally my list was updated: includes BOA CashPro; BOA all other States; and BOA Wealth Management.  Is this correct and which would I choose with mac/quicken 2007? Thank.s
  • That list is correct, and you would choose Bank of America All Other States for your checking account, so long as it's a personal (not business) account.
  • thanks for the quick response.  that's what I have -- and it launched to the old outdated BOA website... think it would help if I trashed the old file completed and then tried to launch.  OF course, I have the manual workaround.. but I'd love for it to work seamlessly.
  • if you followed all the instructions Tamara gave you exactly you would have already trashed the old file Fi.txt.  Start over and follow all of her instructions.  You will never get better instructions.
  • I'm sure - but it's still not working.  If I follow the steps - and change back to choosing the "web Browser" I get a message about downloading a web connect file.  If I click continue - the browser goes to the old BOA  address.   ??
  • I'll escalate this to the team the works with BofA to see if they can work together on this. Thanks!
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