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2013 Quicken R11 update

I allowed Quicken to update to the latest version R11 and now that I look at my accounts, I noticed that Quicken changed my accounts that I had already categorized.  My accounts are a mess now, transfers show up as expenses.  I have at least 50 transactions that changed, what is going on with Quicken. Anyone else experiencing this or know how to correct. I'm tempted to go back to an old file and never update Quicken again. 
  • Do a restore using your most recent Quicken back-up. (manual or automatic back up)  See if this gets you back to square one.
  • I wish I could, but my last backup was a month ago and I would lose all my transactions that I have entered since. Either way, this is a huge Quicken bug that I hope they address.
  • OUCH, this  is why it is best to keep a backup after each Quicken use.  Storage space is cheap (64 gb thumb drive $32) and more than worth it when something like this happens.  You should ALWAYS backup before; updating, installing maintenance releases, and doing something that you have never done before that might mess up your data file.
  • Do you have automatic back-ups turned on???   Wake up call... turn on automatic back-ups and start doing Quicken Manual back-ups routinely.
  • Before you restore any backups, can you please provide me some more information?
    Did the Categories suddenly change after installing the R11 patch OR did you perform a One Step Update before you noticed the change?
    Do you use Mobile Sync? If so, is Mobile Sync part of your One Step Update settings selections?
    Do you see this re-Categorization in the account register(s) OR in Budget or other location in the Quicken program?
  • I am having the same problem. When I sign into Quicken, it prompted me to update first. I updated to R11. Then I have Quicken set up to automatically update my accounts when I signed in. So I did that. Now I see transfers for the past 2-3 months have changed to expenses. This is happening in the account registers. I have the mobile app set up to sync, but I haven't used the mobile app since all of those initial problems were occurring because I didn't trust the numbers.
  • By the way, all of this just happened this morning (Saturday, March 2, 2013). I went to do a restore, and somewhere along the lines, the backup settings changed. I used to have the program set up to back up after every session, and now it's set to every 5th time I run the program. urrrrggggh. Given I update my accounts once a week, I'm going back quite a long time if I restore. When did THAT happen?? I have no idea. I've always been a super-satisfied, happy Quicken user, but Deluxe 2013 has been quite a messy release. Dislike!
  • My file is now damaged after upgrading to R11.  I opened Quicken as was prompted to run an automatic update.  I did, and it said it was going from R10 to R11.  After the update, it "validated" my data.  Then I get the error "Quicken cannot open the data file because it is damaged."  When looking at the size of the converted file, it's more than twice as large as my last backup.  I'd rather fix the bad file than run the restore, which might be a session or two old.  Suggestions?
  • Presumably, you have a backup from before the update.

    Restore the backup into a temporary folder. Validate that restored file. If that produces results like the ones you got after updating, the update wasn't the cause of the problem.

    If the problem was in your data before R11 was installed, you're going to have to deal with that one way or the other. You could revert to R10 (if you've been saving the manual patch files) and stay there ... but at some point (at the least, the next time you convert to a new version), you'll have to face the issue.
  • Tamara,

    Below are answers to your questions:

    Did the Categories suddenly change after installing the R11 patch OR did you perform a One Step Update before you noticed the change?
    Yes, after I installed the R11 patch, I went in to do some work and I noticed that my previous month transactions had new categories assigned to my transactions.  These were transactions that were over 45 days old. Not only did the category change, but I also noticed that it changed the name of the payee to something generic. This was not because of one step update, but caused solely by the patch. I regrettably will not install any more patches as I do not trust Quicken anymore.

    Do you use Mobile Sync? If so, is Mobile Sync part of your One Step Update settings selections?
    Not, I update to mobile but I have yet to use it.

    Do you see this re-Categorization in the account register(s) OR in Budget or other location in the Quicken program?
    I have not checked my budget yet, it is in the account register. It was at least 100 transactions. Thankfully I had an automatic backup from a week ago, so I only lost a week of work. But still, I am amazed that a patch could change transactions that were closed and cleared.
  • Thank you very much for the detailed information. If you are willing to work with our engineers so we can determine if there's a problem with the patch, the server update(s) or the Quicken file, please Reply here and I'll get your contact information from the Community manager. This won't happen until after the week-end, since I'm here on my own time, but we can at least get the ball rolling. Engineering will probably need to collect the Update.log and patch.ini, but they may also need your Quicken file. Keep this in mind when advising that you're willing to work with them.  Again, thanks for the replies.
  • I'm willing to participate in troubleshooting this issue, if detrog1980 can't. Thank you!
  • No, I'm not interested, it's all yours rmigg!  I really do hope they figure out what caused this massive corruption. I've been a Quicken user for 10 years and this is the first time I've had an issue.  My only recommendation is that next time Quicken rolls out an update, they should either 1) give the user an option to backup before updating or 2) automatically create a backup before updating. That way both the user does not lose their data and Quicken would have more time to correct their problem before frustrating their faithful users.
  • detrog1980,  Not to rub salt into your wounds but your failure to turn on Quicken 2013 automatic backup and your not doing frequent, routine Quicken manual backup's rests solely on your shoulders.  There is always a chance of were caught with your pants down and that is on you. A wake up call for YOU to hear RING RING ..... ringing loudly.
  • I beg to differ BillArf, my automatic backups were set up. My problem is that Quicken updated their software without the option of doing a backup beforehand.  Even Windows creates automatic backups before major updates! I do not backup after every time I use Quicken since I do not expect software to crash in between uses, but maybe that is my wakeup call that Quicken is no longer a reliable product and my data could be lost at any moment.
  • Anything can fail at any moment.  The rule is that you should provide a way to recover anything you are not willing to re-entry/download.

    But I do agree that it is a good suggestion for Quicken to make a copy of the data file before doing the update.
  • detrog1980 ..........  Well, if that was/is the case, your automatic back-up was "set up", ON as you claim  (you should have been doing manual back-ups routinely and often also) then why have you not used one of the automatic backup's to get you back to square one?  No further comment from me to you but.. ring, ring, ring!
  • Quicken Tamara - I offered to help troubleshoot this issue, and I need your help. I just opened Quicken again, and my two main checking accounts are all screwed up again after updating my accounts online. Once again, I have several transfers that have changed to expenses, and the offsetting entry in the other account was lost.
  • rmrigg - did you not yet get an email from us? If not, I apologize for the delay and will get instructions to you when I'm in the office in the morning.
  • Not yet. :) But after last night (again), you can bet I'll jump all over it!
  • This also happened to me.  It changed some of my groups. I used to have only Income and Expense, now I have a mixture of Income and Personal Income, and Expense and Personal Expense. No rhyme or reason as to why. This is a major screwup by Quicken. I'm a SW QA manager, and if something like this happened on my watch, I'd be out of a job.

    I went in to the Catagory list and was able (took about an hour and a half) to put everything back to where it was before the update (at least I think so, hopefully no more surprises).

    I'm not sure if restoring an older file would have worked. If the program (.exe) is the culprit, then it will most likely have the same effect on a restored file as well.
  • Quicken Tamara,

    I think I may have figured out what caused my problem (and maybe others) with Quicken changing/removing categorized transactions.  After I restored my old file, I closed Quicken and it asked if I wanted to update to the cloud (mobile device I set up). I said yes, and then next time I opened Quicken, everything changed (categories changed on multiple accounts/transactions).  It looks like after the last update, something happened to the Quicken sync with mobile devices.  I rarely use my Quicken app on my mobile phone. The only thing I have done was set up an cloud account and I allow Quicken desktop to update to the cloud so that I can see my account balances on my phone. I have only used the app maybe once or twice to view accounts. So something happened when I sync my accounts from Quicken desktop to the mobile device. I'm not sure  why the sync would change/remove the categories/accounts that I have entered months ago in my Quicken desktop.

    I decided to delete my mobile account and set it up again. I'm hoping that this will solve the problem.
  • Has your problem been resolved?  Quicken is trying to force me to upgrade to 2013 from 2010 by cutting off my online services... but the further I look into 2013.. the more problems I see and would rather update my balances manually once they kick me to the curb.

    And shame on you guys not backing up your files!  Heaven forbid that software updates can't be properly coded and tested before rolled out to the masses.  ;-)
This is one of the many reasons I'm waiting to update my QWHB 2010 to the 2014 version.

However, NOTHING may be wrong in your accounts.  Each "Transfer" out of one account has a "Transrer" in to another account.

Check both sides of those transfers.  As long as each Transfer In is matched by a Transfer out, then nothing is wrong even if they are not labelled "transfers" in QW 2013.

There are several steps you can try:

1. Copy (NOT file copy) from the File Menu.
2. Validate the file.
3. Run a FINANCIAL VALIDATION by running a Networth Surplus statement (of income and expense  Categories) and mark down your Surplus and / or Deficit for the Period chosen for one year.  Then run Networth Account statements for the beginning of that period and another for the end of that period.  The DIFFERENCE of those two Net Worths should equal your Surplus / Deficit from the Networth Surplus statement.

When doing the Financial Validation test, do not use 2/28/2013 as the ending date since last year was a leap year and the extra day will throw off the comparison.

Financial Validations should be done once per month and using Copy and Validate should be done at the end of every year and BEFORE every update to a new version.

Windows Backup and Restore should be used DAILY to create a System Image once per month and file backups every day.  Preferably, they should be done to an External Hard Disk.  That should supplement the Quicken Backup since the Quicken Backups could get corrupted by Quicken in that process.  The Windows Backup will never be corrupted  It is a direct copy of the Quicken Data file without any internal modification.

If this Answer has solved your problem, please check the Thumbs Up icon in this answer.  Helpers are rated in this Forum.

  • While I appreciate this detailed answer very much, (and yes, I already fixed my backup settings), this wouldn't have worked for me. Some halves of the transfers were lost, which impacted balances in those accounts. So if I had a transfer recorded from my checking account to a credit card account, the checking account entry was lost and the credit card side of the transaction was changed to "Mortgage - First: Principal"  category. I'm not sure why it picked that category - it's very random and unrelated to the actual transaction. I finally have my accounts straightened out, but it took me a couple of hours to track down all of the transfers and fix them.
  • Baldy49 .........   ----To fix the issue at hand and get Intuit info that they desire--- detrog1980, the OP and others with the same issue, should provide the info Quicken Tamara is requesting and then do a Quicken, Restore using a Quicken manual or automatic back-up.  That will get the user's with the issue back to lets call it square one unless their data file is unhealthy.
    If there data file is unhealthy they will have to work on getting it healthy.
  • Do I need to start a new post in order for my "me too" to be counted? This is my first time posting here. I answered all of Quicken Tamara's questions above.
  • rmrigg...........   Thanks for providing the info for Quicken Tamara.

      Wake up call... do Quicken Manual back-ups routinely and often!  I do a Quicken manual back-up daily after working with Quicken.
  • I wish I could... see my post above about the backup settings. :( I fixed my entries manually. Weird part is, it didn't hose up all of the transfers between accounts, which would have been more than a year's worth. It only hosed up part of January 2013 and all of February 2013,
  • rmrigg.....Ok ....... saw where you are without current/recent back-up..  Glad you are aok now.  Chittt happens occasionally so you need to get with the program in regard to manual back-ups of Quicken.  Thumb drive is cheap...

    By the way, see NoWayJose's post in this thread.
  • In addition to using Quicken Backup daily and Windows Backup and Restore daily, use Windows Explorer to make two copies of the current Quicken Data File before anything risky like experimenting with new things in the file or doing a new Release or Version upgrade.

    Too may backups will never hurt.  Too few could lead to a disaster.
  • Baldy49 ... I can't see it... huhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ............ " Windows Backup and Restore daily, use Windows Explorer to make two copies of the current Quicken Data File ".   Anyway, no way I would follow that advice... sorry.  Overkill in the strongest sense of the word.  Guess more is better then less but .................
  • Bill,

    I have Windows Backup and Restore to perform every day at exactly 5:00 PM to a 2 Tb External Hard Disk.  I dont have to do anything to make it happen or to decide when to do the System Image.  The file backup takes 30 minutes daily and the System Image takes 2 hours once per month.

    Making TWO manual backups with Windows Explorer is the most important if you are not sure what will happen when you go into the file for an experiment or when uupgrading the program as we have just seen in this thread.

    I have Quicken set to make its own backups on every fifth use since I tend to open it about 5 times each eay.

    Finally, since backups also fail to restore from time to time, 5 days per week I do a Genie Incremental Backup after the Windows Backup is completed. With one's finances, one can never be too careful.  I also do a Genie backup of data files only to my Safe Deposit Box once every 4 months on a 125 Gb Flash Drive.
  • Can't see doing this. ""Making TWO manual backups with Windows Explorer is the most important if you are not sure what will happen when you go into the file for an experiment or when upgrading the program as we have just seen in this thread."

    I disagree that it is important to do this but sure more backups the better.. Quicken auto & manual back-up is enough. Don't agree ---at all--- with your most important comment in regard to TWO manual backups with Windows Explorer.

    For the record, I have an external hard drive, multiple thumb drives, upload back-up to my personal domain every night and such.
    Not discounting your back-up regimen but for Betsy user, in regard to Quicken, (this is a Quicken user forum) I believe back-up of Quicken both auto and manual is plenty sufficient.  Of course said backups need to be routine, frequent, different media, stored offsite and such.   I work at getting users here to do manual back-ups and don't want them to turn their nose and run by my talking excessive, anal compulsive back up regimens...   8-)
  • Bill,

    I have found out by brutal experience that sometimes one can NOT restore a backup.  That is why I have so many.  One total loss of a file can be disastrous as we have seen in this and other threads.  

    By the way, I have not mentioned this before but one should also print STATEMENTS from Quicken at least once per quarter. Then, if all is lost, one can start a new Quicken file with the Statement numbers and work forward.  I've seen natural disasters take everything at times and the statements were the only survivors.

    I keep those statements off site in a safety deposit box as well.
  • Ernest,  Do you have an ark out in the pole barn behind your house?  Or possibility a Conestoga wagon with provisions for six months.... or possibly a bunker in case of Nuclear attack?.  A rubber raft on the back porch in case of high water..  8-)  All kidding aside, what you preach in regard to back-ups, etc. is wise but just..............   8-)
  • Boys, why don't you take this outside? It's not helping the OP with the R11 corruption issue.
  • I think that detrog1980 the OP is good to go ....  He / she may gain some other insight thanks to all the back-up related talk.  detrog1980 was caught lacking in regard to back-ups. all this back-up talk and back-up recommendations /ideas is positive.
  • Having a good, frequent backup is a good idea... having a software update that doesn't corrupt the data in the first place is even better.  ;) I can't speak for the OP, but I would like to see to it this doesn't happen to anyone else. I support software for a living -- I know I would much rather solve problems proactively than take support calls helping people fix the aftermath.
  • As soon as we are able to crank out infallible human beings, you can have your wish.
  • What? I could do it I never make mstakes!
  • All software and hardware upgrades have problems.  Every time I buy a new PC and upgrade my Windows software, I gasp.

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