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How can I make invoice due date "Upon Receipt"?

I'm creating invoices, and I'd like it to print "Upon Receipt" in the Due Date instead of an actual date.  I don't want it to say the date I'm sending it out, and I don't want to set a date in the future.  I just want it to say "Upon Receipt."  Is that possible?
    "Is that possible?"

      Also remember that there's a customizable "Default Invoice Due Date". I believe, it defaults to 30 days (or at least that's what I've got it set at). You might want to set it at something like 7- 10 days for your "due upon receipt" - situation. That might help with better tracking of past due invoices.
      To customize this value, click on the Account Actions gear icon (or button) in the Invoices account register, then click on "Invoice Defaults".
        If you get the utility, Snagit, you can capture the image of that invoice and then modify it to say anything you want.  After that print it from Snagit and capture the revised image to attach to your Quicken transaction.

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