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Forced upgrade Alternative ?

I'm dang unhappy about being forced to upgrade again. For twenty years or more I have  run each version 5 years or so, by which time there are some advantages to a new one. All I use it for is to download my transactions & run a yearly P&L. I have no use for bells & whistles. Don't think I get the benefit of the Business version.

Any Windows alternatives that will import Quicken properly? I am sick of this.

I notice that Quicken High Command squelches conversations like this, so I suppose that will happen. Some "community". xxxxxxxx
  • I also got an email stating that I need to upgrade to Quicken13 to continue accessing online services. There is NO mention of why they would discontinue online services for Quicken10. I have not seen another blatant attempt to force the consumer to pay additional money and essentially take advantage of the fact that they may feel forced to upgrade because of legacy data.
    Can someone enlighten if there are other products that do not undertake such practices?
  • Ace Money may be a good alternative for $40 ONE-TIME cost. BUT, it blew up importing my QFX file. Hope I don't have to use the old QIF format.
Everything you ever need to know about the Quicken sunset policy.

    If you don't want to upgrade your QW 2010 to QW 2013, there are a couple of options.

    1. You could upgrade to QW 2011 or 2012 instead.

    2. You could right click all FI accounts and convert them from Online to Manual.  Then capture infromation by using Windows Copy and Paste from the FI site and pay your bills from the FI site.  You can also use a utility like Snagit to capture payment screens from the FI site.  You can also use DeskCalc to make daily reconciliations to the FI site.

    Release 11 was just released for QW 2013.  It may have fixed a lot of problems previously discussed in this Forum  I'd be interested to know just what was fixed from one of the Super Users here.

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    • 1. Seriously?
      2. Does not seem practical.
    • I should have given some background. I am a Quicken User for almost 20 years. The data file around 100MB. With lots of investment accounts and loads of transactions etc. I am a heavy duty user.
      I am upset about being taken for granted. The mail from Quicken DID NOT say ANYTHING about what's better about Quicken 2013? Except that that's the only way to continue leveraging the online services. I use online services for about 25+ accounts (banking, credit cards, investment firms) -- any alternative involving any amount of manual work would not be practical.
      Intuit should create a compelling case for the customers to migrate to newer versions by providing exciting features -- such as -- better option handling, faster response time etc. Instead of using ARTIFICIAL mechanism of stopping an ESSENTIAL feature (online services) for no apparent reason.

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