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What Banks Support Online Bill Payments?

I understand Quicken (and presumably Quickbooks) have an online BillPay feature for $9.95/month. Some banks support online bill pay at no cost. TD Bank is one, and I've been banking happily there for many years.

Now TD Bank is dropping that service so I'm looking for a replacement bank. I'd like to avoid paying nearly $20/month for the Quicken and Quickbooks services. Can anyone recommend a bank that supports the free online bill pay option?
  • PNC and Capitol One are FI's that I know, offer free Direct Connect with very minimal requirements.  There are other financial institutions that will charge you nothing for Direct Connect if you have a prestige account(s) ... high balances / meet certain requirements.  

    You are aware that your Quicken, Quickbooks software and Direct Connect fees are something you can write off as a business expense correct?
  • Thanks, Bill. I can write off Quickbooks related fees, but not Quicken ones as that's all personal. I'm not sure what Direct Connect is; I'll look it up. There were no fees associated with the online bill paying service I've been using at TD Bank. We have a branch of PNC Bank very close. I'll be sure to look into them ASAP. Thanks for this!
  • Correct, only the Business account / Quicken Books, I realize this.....BUT,   IF you use Quicken to access any business account then the Direct Connect fee in regard -Quicken- is also considered a business expense.  I have ridden that pony before.  8-)

    As for Direct Connect ....  You have to have Direct Connect if you wish to have online bill pay working with Quicken just like you did with TD Bank.  TD Bank -was- giving you free Direct Connect.  I am a TD Bank client and very familiar with their offering.

    In regard to PNC.  Very good FI ! ..... and they play well, lets say with Quicken / Quicken One Step Update..  Just be sure if you go with PNC that you sign up for their "Direct Connect".  Again, you want to sign up with their Direct Connect.  After signing up, give PNC about 3-4 business days and you will see your PNC accounts in Quicken when you go to set-up your PNC accounts with Quicken's One Step Update (OSU).  Oh, do know that PNC has a non Direct Connect offering.. you don't want that. you want the FREE "Direct Connect" that they do not usually mention/volunteer to you in conversations with them.
  • Thanks for the tip about asking specifically for the free Direct Connect. I'll be sure to do that!
  • Your Welcome!    Please come back to the forum / post here and let us know whether you hopped to PNC,  Your thoughts on PNC, etc..

    I'm in Daytona Beach, Florida , many months of the year and there is PNC where I reside there.  No PNC in Upstate, NY where I spend the rest of the year OR, I would be hopping to PNC probably.  Fortunately, these days I only do 3-4 bill pays per month and it easy enough to go to TD's online bill pay to do them.
  • I'll be happy to do that. I estimate the odds of my moving to PNC to be better than 90%. We have a branch here in town in New Jersey, but we spend half our time in upstate New York (Lake George) and I don't know if there's a branch up there. I seldom visit the bank in person anyway ... I do mail deposits mostly.
  • No PNC within say 50-80 miles of Lake George.  Should not be a deal breaker for you I guess.  Oh, if you have a smart phone you can get the PNC app and do your check deposits via the app.
  • That's cool, Bill. thanks. You're right - lack of a branch near Lake George isn't a deal breaker. Cheers!

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