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Still cloud password doesn't work nor will Quicken send me access code to change password.

    This can happen when the information you enter for password recovery doesn't match the information stored on the servers for your Quicken Cloud ID.  The most common cause is typographical errors, either during creation or when requesting the password recovery.  We have also seen customers who didn't realize the recovery email was in their spam folder, customers who have multiple email addresses and didn't realize they were checking the wrong one, and legitimate "you've provided an incorrect zip code; failure to confirm" condition with these password recovery requests.

    If you're unable to recover the password, you have a couple of options:
    * Contact Quicken Support - see Contact Us
    * Unlink the file and re-create the Quicken Cloud ID (Edit > Preferences > Mobile & Alerts)

    I will offer this one time, temporary solution - provide your Quicken Cloud ID in a Reply, here, and I'll see if there's a problem with your account on the servers that's preventing you from receiving the recovery email. For the benefit of future readers, I'm only offering this to nfrankl, and will not respond to other requests due to time restrictions.
    • nfrankl@consolidated.net
    • You do have this registered for Mint, but not Quicken. This is why you're not getting the password recovery, since there's no QCloudID to authenticate against and reset password for.

      Go into Quicken, go to Edit > Preferences > Mobile & Alerts. Look at the very top of the M&A Preferences to see what Quicken Cloud ID is displayed there.  If there isn't one displayed, then you didn't get one completely setup.  If there is one displayed, confirm that it's the same UID you provided me here.
    • It is the same. nfrankl@consolidated.net
    • And I just confirmed for a second time that this Quicken Cloud ID does not exist on our servers. There are a few possible causes for this:
      *  QCloud ID was deleted in the file, then a backup was restored that still had that ID activated;
      * QCloud ID was deleted in another copy of the file - commonly occurs when the file resides on a server, when Quicken is used on multiple computers (laptop + desktop, for example), or if File > File Operations > Copy (or Year End Copy) was used to resolve other issues.

      Your current option for this data file is to Unlink From Cloud in that same Preferences location where you looked this up, then Setup again using the same QCloud ID.  You'll be prompted, during that process, that "file is not the same..." and "do you want to replace it?" - then, if you do want to replace it with this data file, you respond yes.
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