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Merge duplicate credit card account

How do I merge duplicate accounts? I have Wells Fargo Credit Card and Credit Card XX XXXX, which are the same account. I was adding a savings account and mistakenly added the second c/c; I would like to merge these into one account.
Quicken Deluxe 2013 - Release R10 (, Windows 7 home Premium.
    Another way to resolve the issue would be to move the transactions from the duplicated account to the original account, then delete the duplicated account.

    Here is the FAQ for moving transactions between accounts:
      One way you can do this is with Find and Replace.  I suggest making a backup of your file before you do this just in case anything gets messed up.

      To make the merge go to Edit, Find/Replace and do the following:

      1. In first box in  "Find" select Category
      2. Change the middle box to "Exact"
      3. Change the third box to the account you want to move the transactions out of (Credit Card XX XXX)
      4. Click Find
      5. When it shows you the list of transactions press the "select all" button near the bottom (You might have to make the window wider so you can see the scroll bar if you want to scroll through the transactions to verify that you have the correct ones.  You can also hit the print icon and print them if you wish)
      6. In the first box by Replace select category.
      7. In "with" select the account you want to move the transactions to
      8. Click Replace All
      This will replace the "category" of the selected transactions (actually the account in this case) with the new account.  Once you do this and verify all is correct you can delete the unwanted account.
      • It did not solve my issue totaly but was helpful in finding the final resolution
      • Can you share the final resolution?  Others may need to do this.
      • The problem acured with my lack of attebtion to detail. When I add the new account, I added a savings account and a credit card account. Prior to trouble shooting I save a backup file and then went to a previous back up and started over. I added the savings account and then linked the credit card accout, instead of adding the credit card account. I then deleted any duplicated line items and updated Quicken as usual. I am sure not the best way and may have lost some information, but it worked.

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