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New Install - cannot set up Capital One 360 account for download.

I have downloaded the latest updates.  I have tried to log in with ING Direct and several of the Capital One options (there is no 360 option).  Just bought the 2013 version,and if I can't get it to work, will probably return it.  The ING Direct attempt comes back with "Oops. Did you mistype your login?" Error: CC-503.  I am typing the password correctly because I have repeated logged into the Capital One 360 website.  Then I try the Capital One Bank option and get "Sorry.  We encounter an error. (It's not your fault.).
  • Go here and read this thread.
     You will probably need to contact FI to find out what connection to use:
  • Also note: Quicken download user-id's/passwords and web site logon user-id's/passwords are not always the same.
  • Capital One 360 is not offered in list of available FI's when setting up new account Capital One 360 says on its website that the have full function in quicken. Can you check status? I have update 2013 vR11
  • True, Capital One 360 is not offered in the list of available FI's when setting up new account Capital One 360.  I mentioned in my earlier post to find out from the FI what connection to use. I encourage you to make that call.
  • I should have followed up earlier.  As Quant said below in the "answer" there is an access code that can be set up, but I did that, even reset it and tried it several times, and that did not work (this was the answer from the email I sent to Capital One 360).  I had called Quicken as well, and they said I should ask Capital One 360 to fill out paperwork to be added to the list.  I was a bit on the fence on whether I should just get my refund now and buy it later to do an eval, or try to figure this out (we are busy with taxes and other stuff, so since I struck out with other user support groups, I was a little frustrated).

    The thing that frustrated me is that I use MINT (I understand that Intuit owns them also), and they continue to use the old ING information with no problem.  Also, other research showed that if you had already had ING working, it continues with the Capital One 360 change (but probably still says ING).  The limited support from Capital One 360 could not answer that either.  Lots of the information on the website (like that which minionking mentioned above) is just plain wrong.  I have been looking all over the Internet before I posted this, with no luck.  I probably need to go back to Captital One 360 and get it escalated to a real issue someone there will deal with, but just have not had the cycles to do it (other emails to the people that had replied to me had gone unanswered).

    Thanks to all for your interest and support.
  • I did this 3 days ago. Windows, Quicken 2013. I chose ING Direct as the FI and used my account number and access code. I was able to connect and download transactions. The only difference is that I've had my access code for sometime now (Used Quicken 2010 in the past, but now I have a new install).
  • I will verify this tonight then to see if that makes a difference.  I tested my access code by logging into the website with it, but now I am not sure if I tried the new code with ING.  Thanks Quant again - I will let you know in the next 8 hours.