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I am trying to move quicken premier home/business for windows to quicken mac 2007.

 With Transactions.qif file I am getting the following error "Invalid QIF Header Type:8'kv"  

Anybody know how to fix this bad boy?
  • Are you following the instructions as indicated below?
  • Hi John.  I sure did.... And I get that error with only the Transaction.qif file.  The others are fine (there was a similar problem with the Categories file, but I found instructions on that and fixed it; by the way the error is not the same and I could not even find a similar entry to change on notepad for the transactions file).   Got any other ideas?  Many thanks.
  • I really can't help you more as I don't deal much with the .QIF file format. (It has been deprecated.) There are some other people here who are more familiar with it-hopefully they can help you out.
  • I think most QIF header records begin with an exclamation point.

    Try using a word processor/editor to search for QIF file records that begin with an exclamation point. See if one of those has the corruption in it.
Open the Transactions.QIF in Excel (for easier filtering) or Notepad/Wordpad (for simple Find capability) and look for the Headers.

They start with an exclamation point, like NWJ advised, and the one you're looking for will be !Type:8'kv - personally, I wouldn't search for that exact string, only for !Type in order to see which one has the invalid header tag - and then rename it to what that account type is supposed to be - bank, investment, etc.

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