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Quicken Deluxe 2013 appears to be subtracting debits and adding credits to the running balance. Why is this.

The subject pretty much says it all.  A debit (ie., gas), adds to the running balance, but a deposit, subtracts frim the running balance.  In other words, the math is opposite of what it should be doing.  How do I fix this mess.
Thanks in advance,
  • Credit Card or Banking account?
    What is the Sort Order for this register?
    Is this account activated for online downloads? If so, what financial institution?
  • Banking account (Bank of America).... sorted by Date.   Yes, I do the Onestep Update successfully.  Thanks for quick response (no pun intended).
  • BTW... did you see the PNG picture I posted with the question?
  • I saw the .png attachment. There appears to be nothing incorrect in the math for the entered transaction amount as it's reflected in your balance column. Your payment of $60 clearly was reflected as a positive to the balance of the account thus lowering the amount "owed." Your charge of $15.87 clearly was reflected as a negative to the credit card balance thus increasing the amount "owed."  A credit card balance of $430.24 "owed" would show up in red; not black. Yours is black; thus indicating that the FI owes you $430.24 for overpayment. Get your credit card to a balance that is normal for a credit card ("red" for what you owe them) and you can better understand the math (ie, don't make a full payment for a while and do reconcile your account.)  Check your opening balance and look for some prior transaction that has truly been put in backwards. I believe you simply need to reconcile this credit card account.

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