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I need a phone number to register quicken 2013 as my compupter is not on line

My question is very clear - I need a phone number for quicken support to register my quicken 2013.  The computer that it is using it is not on line.
And another thing: If the computer that you're running Quicken on is NOT on-line to the Internet ... how are you going to obtain the latest set of available bug fixes in order to download and install them on your computer? The version of Quicken that's been delivered on CD has a few nice little bugs ...

With a connected computer, you can do this for Quicken 2013: Follow the instructions in this article to download a ...Patch - file, transfer it to the Quicken computer and install it there.
  • If the computer is not connected to the Internet then the whole concept of registering is pretty useless, and not needed (it is only really needed to download transactions, which is an online process).  But as ukr has pointed out, without an Internet connection to a least get updates and such.  Well that might prove quite "interesting", and not in a good way.

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