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Willmaker Plus 2012 does not install on Windows 8

I have a new computer with Windows 8.  Am trying to install my Willmaker Plus 2012.  Keep getting error messages....

"Unsupported Operating System, major=6,version=2.2,sp=0.0,type=1" 

Called Quicken Tech Support (India?)  They cannot help.  They say that it is not their product and to go to  I went to Nolo and cannot find the answer. 

I bought this from Quicken.  I have been a Quicken user for many years. I expect them to be able to assist with this. 

How can I install Willmaker Plus 2012 on Windows 8?

  • I have the same issue & Quicken should be able to assist users
Willmaker, though received from Intuit, is created and supported by NOLO.  Their website does not show Willmaker 2012 as being Windows 8 Compliant.

You can try right-clicking the installer executable for Willmaker and choosing to install in a Compatiblity Mode for Windows 7 or lower, that are known to be supported by NOLO for your version of Willmaker.

Quicken Support would not be able to resolve issues with this 3rd party software application, regardless of their location.

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