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using quicken deluxe 2000 do I want to get 2013 or 2012? Can I transfer my old records to the new version? Debra

    If 2000 is working why do you want to update? That verison has not been supported for 7 or 8 years by Quicken so if it does what you want why upgrade? Quicken has noy made any major improvements since then. I run 2011 but only because I wouldn't be able to download from credit card and financial firms w/o doing so. Since you don't appear to be doing that then why upgrade? 
    • @bobo9812  Quite often it is needed because they have a new computer with a new version of Windows that the old program will not run on.
    • And I would disagree with bobo's assessment. There have been many improvements and fixes since Q2000.
    • yes, I do have a new computer and my accountant would like me to upgrade.   It does sound like a hassle to load 2004 then the 2013.Thnks for you comments
    • It is not that big of a hassle and Intuit gives you all the intermediate versions free that you might need, so there is no cost to you.
    If ypu upgrade  based on what I have read I would not get 2013. It seems a variety of people are having issues installing/upgrading. 2012 MAY be a better option
    I have used Q since 1991 and have upgraded as needed w/o any major issues. But I will wait to 2014 based complaints/concerns about 2013. And will do so onlt because I have to, Again INMHO changes are cosmetic A simple CD is not so simple
    • If the changes were only "cosmetic" then there would be no reason not to go for the maximum download support time - Q2013 will provide another year of downloading.

      The changes between Q2012 and Q2013 were not cosmetic. The Q2013 budget was improved, the loan downloading was added, the mobile version added, and the customizable account action bar was added.

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