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Unable to Add Capital One Checking Account in Quicken 2013

I am trying to add my Capital One Bank online checking account in Quicken 2013. However, after I go to "add account", enter all of my log in information, I see the pop-up that say "connecting" then "saving", but then I receive a "Sorry. We encountered an error. (It's not your fault.)" message.  Capital One doesn't offer QFX files to download so I can't add my transactions that way either.  Does anyone know how to fix this so I can add my checking account and download transactions?  Thanks.
  • On Capital One's website under the FAQs  the topic: "Which versions of Quicken and QuickBooks software do you support?" for the Windows Users Quicken 2013 is not listed.  Why is this and when will it be supported?
  • chobizal, that information is outdated; CapOne is fully supported in QW2013 and my account with them updates without any trouble.
  • I have tried adding my Capital One account multiple times over the last week and I too am still getting the same error after I enter my login information.  The screen says it is connecting and saving but then it says "Sorry, We encountered an error.  (It's not your fault.)  Quicken is having trouble connecting to Capital One Bank."   My mother is using the same quicken 2013 on the same computer that I am and her file gathers her info. without any problems.  She has had her file set up to use her capital one account from an older version of quicken and it still works with Q2013.  I, on the other hand, cannot add my capital one account to my file that I am trying to create for the first time?  Please help?

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