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I need to talk to someone on the Phone.

 Your email to me said this URL would give me the phone number.  Where is it?  What is the phone number where I can reach you and talk to someone?  Pete

I need help to download Quicken 2013 Deluxe which I just purchased and downloaded.  However, my existing Quicken is 2009 Deluxe which I how find out can not be converted without going in a couple of steps.  I wish you had so informed me when I e mailed you and specifically asked if I could convert the 2009 version to 2013 version and you said yes.  Any way we need to talk and I need to do that on the telephone at this point but you are very stingy in giving that out.  Could I have it please so that we can get this resolved.  Thanks. Pete
    the Contact Us - webpage appears to be working as it should when I just tried it on my PC with Internet Explorer.
    Please note (and read the popup texts as you select Quicken product and version), you can get support from Intuit only for currently supported versions of Quicken, 2010 or newer.
    So, what version of Quicken are you using?
    How about posting a separate question here on QLC with details about your issue? Also include your version of Quicken and version of Windows or Mac that you are using.
      Pete, you're posting on a User-to-User forum. This is not Quicken Support.  If you need to call Quicken Support, go to and fill in the blanks. Click the Phone option when it's presented to you and submit your Request in order to get the phone number that routes to the team best trained to answer your question that also happens to have the least amount of wait time when your Request is received. Because these numbers rotate based on need and volume, there is no one/single phone number to give you.
      • I'm having a similar problem.  No combination of choices (windows or Apple, problem, etc), will take me to the Help choices -- e-mail, chat, or phone.  They are greyed out (I have used all three forms of help on at least one occasion in the past 3-4 months).
      why are you saying that Quicken 2013 cannot convert a data file from 2009? That is incorrect. Give us more details, please.
      Download 2013, save the installation file to disk, run it to install Quicken, allow it to download and install all available bug fixes and then, when starting Quicken 2013 for the first time, it will locate and convert your 2009 data file to the 2013 format and off you go.

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