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how do i change account number

I was issued a new credit card with different account number because bank got a fraud alert from a vendor. I want to keep my account history in tact and be able to download activity on the new card into Quicken.  How can I change the account number in quicken
    First: there is never a need to change the account number (to supply the actual account number); Quicken will get the account number when it sets up the account for downloading. [You may occasionally have to blank out an old number, but I have never needed to do even that.]

    Second: when an account is activated (enabled) for downloading, you usually can not modify any of the fields like customer-id, account number, etc.

    So the instructions usually say to deactivate the account for downloading first. But if you do that, you can usually just click the button to activate the account for downloading and supply the customer-id and password and Quicken will pick up the other info during the setup process. If Quicken doesn't get the other info during setup, that is when you might need to blank out the old account number, etc.
    • It isn't clear from this answer what to actually *do* to change an account from one number to another.
    • In my original answer, which applies to accounts activated with Direct Connect, I provided specific instructions on how to change the account number.  I was able to do this myself, without any issue, with a credit card that was lost and replaced.

      If the account is activated with Express Web Connect, you will not be able to modify the account number and will need to deactivate the account first and then set it up for downloading again.

      See the Online Services tab for the type of connection method you are currently using and to deactivate/activate the account.
    If you prefer to have your transactions continue to download into your existing Quicken account, even though you were issued a new account number, you can change the account number on the General tab of Account Details.

    Open your Account List (Ctrl+A) and click the Edit button next to the account to get there.

    You can also get there by clicking the Actions (Ctrl+Shift+N) gear in the register and selecting Edit Account Details (Ctrl+Shift+E).
    • This is incorrect.  You can change account info this way but NOT the account number.  It is greyed out and I can not change the account number, only other details.

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