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How can I import transaction data from an Excel spreadsheet into Quicken 2013 Deluxe?

I need to add the last year's worth of transactions into an account I've just added in Quicken 2013 Deluxe, but the bank's website will not allow me to import data from more than the last 30 days. I have a record of all the transactions in an Excel spreadsheet with separate columns for the date, description, payment or deposit. Is there a way to import this data into Quicken 2013 and avoid typing it all in manually? What should my column headings be? File save as format? And then how to import it as a file that Quicken will understand.

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  • I have the same issue with importing excel data into 2010 rental property manager.
Only Security Prices can be imported into Quicken from a CSV file, you will not be able to import transaction data this way.

See if your Bank offers more historical activity that you can manually download as a Quicken Web Connect (QFX) file, which can later be imported into Quicken.

Typically Financial Institutions offer 18 months or more of historical activity.
  • I was afraid of that. Unfortunately, I just signed up for online banking for this account, and the bank doesn't offer that far back. Only for the 30 days preceding your online enrollment. Is there any way to convert a CSV to a QFX file? If not, I guess I know how I'll be spending at least one long winter entry! Thanks!
  • I do not know of a way to do that, maybe someone else can answer your question.
  • I did some Googling and found this Excel add-in that converts CSV to QIF:
    And, it looks like Quicken will let me import QIF, so maybe that could do the trick? I'm a little hesitant to try it because I depend on Quicken to manage about 12 different accounts and I don't want to mess something up with all of that, just for this one account.
  • Proceed at your own risk and backup first before you try.  Unknown or unverified software can infect your entire computer system, be cautious about what you download.  You may want to take an image copy of your system before going forward.
Below is a couple of examples of what an Excel spreadsheet might look like.

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