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CC-502 error resolved

I had an ongoing CC-502 error that went unresolved for weeks, even after escalation through the scripting team. This weekend I was able to resolve the problem. 

 Background : I had 5 accounts with Keybank, and online access through direct connect to all 5 was working properly. These were all associated to a parental  account name"A"  that was originally  set up through on-line banking at Keybank for Quicken (not Quicken bill pay). One of the accounts got transferred to a student checking account under a student account name "B", but access to the account was made available to "C" which was the web login at Keybank associated with "A". When I set up Quicken with the student checking account under "B" name, I started getting the CC-502 error on that account.  After weeks of waiting for the scripting team with no report back, I decided to experiment. I deactivated on-line access within quicken to "B", and reactivated it under the "C" name (the parental account at the Bank that has access to "B"). 

Now, my one-step update has 4 direct connect accounts working under the original on-line banking name "A", and 1 web connect working under "C", for just the "B" account.  I hope this makes sense.   
  • I was having a similar problem.  I installed the new Quicken 2013 and downloaded my Key bank accounts and for the first week they would update perfectly with the one step update method.  Then one day they just seriously stopped updating and I was getting the CC 502 error. I did the whole quicken tech support thing twice and never received the response they said I would get.  

    I got impatient and began looking at the online security features that key bank had on my accounts online and I eventually found the "allow third party access option".  I selected that option and then actually deleted the Key accounts from quicken and reinstalled them now they seem to be updating and acting normal. Hope this helps somebody else.

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