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I want to upgrade to Quicken 2013 on my PC and put it on my laptop.

I don't have a smart phone.  I travel with my laptop.  Can I load Quicken 2013 on my laptop with the same license?
    How to get the download onto your laptop:

    1. Go to
    2. Click the Signin at the top of the page
    3. Choose My Account
    4. Go to Downloads & Unlocks
    5. Select the 2013 product and download it to the laptop
    6. After download is complete, double-click the download to start the install.

    If you do not see the upgrade product purchase in your Downloads & Unlocks, it's possible that you have more than one account that you have purchased products under. If you are unable to find another account, you can contact Quicken Support and they can (1) locate your purchase based on any email addresses you provide them (or order #, if you have it) and (2) can push the download to the account you couldn't find it under OR even setup a replacement CD to be sent to you after they confirm the purchase.

    To contact Quicken Support, see How to Contact Quicken Support

    To Splashers point, Quicken Community involvement is not part of my job description but is something I do on my own time. I try to get ahead of potential major issues and look for potential product defects or server errors that we can get fixed immediately.  For the most part, though, I come here to provide help where I can as a Quicken User who really likes the product.
      I answered with three other comments. A summary is:
      1. I purchased an upgrade from my 2010 H&B to 2013 H&B when 2013 was offered as a promotion when I opened my 2010 software.
      2. It was purchased direct from Quicken as a download. I have not purchased the CD but now wish I had. Seems like wasting a lot time tryin to to do this on your schedule instead of mine as a consultant.
      3. I downloaded the App to my smartphone.
      4. I also signed up for the cloud.
      Now I need to get this working so I can do critical work away from my desktop. Appreciate your immediate help.
      When can I expect a response?
      Is the way to get connected? Am I learning your system?
      • @lallen
        Patience is the word here. Each time prior to today, she responded the same day you finally took the time to respond.  Seems to me you've got yourself wound a little tight.  Tamara's only job is not to monitor this forum, I'm not sure it is even in her job description, but she will get around to responding when she can, so take a chill pill and calm down.

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