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Unable to restore backup quicken file

I have Quicken 2006 Business software. Recently my laptop was stolen and it had been little over a month since I backed up onto a thumb drive.  I have not installed the Quicken 2006 onto my laptop w/OS Windows 8.  Everytime I attempt to open my backup file, I receive error messages.  Doesn't matter how I do it - restore backup, open file, find quicken files - the error messages are pretty much the same:  "Quicken cannot valudate this file.  Choose file menu. Restore backup file to restore a previous version of the data file."  or  "You cannot restore a file from the current directory."  I have the backup saved on my desktop.  What else can I do to restore this file?  Thank you for your time and effort with this issue.
  • I suspect you meant:  "I have NOW installed the Quicken 2006 onto my laptop w/OS Windows 8."

    When you got QW2006 installed, did you get it updated to the latest release (R5)?
  • I checked and my quicken shows Release 5.  The software wants me to register it as if this were first time - would that have anything to do w/my not being able to restore my backup file?
  • You didn't possibly upgrade from 2006 on your laptop and forgot?  That's happened more than once around here.  Or the spouse upgraded without telling them.
  • No upgrade from 2006 - I'm the only one at home who uses the software.  Even though I verified I had Release 5, I tried again just in case - and I received message that I already have that version.  I have done a few more things.  I was able to restore the file and the software tells me that the backup file has been restored and to use the Open file from menu to open the file.  Now I get message that the file has been damaged.  Not sure how that could have happened.  Any ideas on how I can get the file repaired?  THis is very frustrating as I have a lot of data on that file - my husband is self employed and I use Quicken to track all our expenses.  Any ideas you can provide would be most appreciated.  Thanks.
  • No upgrades...I have 2006 with Release 5.  I was able to restore the backup file and then was told to open the file.  When I attempt to open the file, it tells me the file may be corrupt or damaged.  So now I need to figure out how to fix the file.  Any ideas?

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