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One Step Update isn't working for me

Quicken 2013
Update R10

I have never used the One Step update before.  I have always manually gone out to my bank's website and downloaded the transactions.  I decided that I wanted to start using the one step update with the scheduled transaction download.  I set it to download my transactions at 4 AM.

When I pick up my computer in the morning there is a box asking for the Password Vault password. I have the vault set up with the banks password information, but it doesn't seem to be working.  What am I doing wrong?

The password vault is set up.  I leave my computer turned on at night.  I am not signed on to Quicken (I don't  like leaving Quicken open).  I set it so the password is required at Windows sign on.

What am I missing or doing wrong?

Also, I have contacted Quicken support about my downloaded transactions.  I have it set to NOT automatically record the downloaded transactions in the register, but it is still automatically recording them.  I want to manually review each one and accept or reject it.  This started after the R10 update.

THANKS in advance for the help!!!

    Here's what it sounds like is happening with your scheduled update.

    Quicken normally won't remember the Vault password for more than a few hours. So I'm guessing you can't give Quicken the Vault password once and expect scheduled updates to occur forever thereafter, without entering the Vault password again. 

    As to the automatic adding of transactions to registers:

    I've seen no change to that behavior since Q2013 was released, and I now have R10.

    There are two places you can control auto-add downloaded transactions. 

    1.) Globally (for all accounts): Edit > Preferences > Downloaded transactions.

    2.) For each account individually: with the account "register" open; click the gear wheel icon, select "Edit Account Details", choose the "Online Services" tab, and note (and click, if necessary) the link alongside "xxxx is setup for transaction download ".

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