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Upgrade from Quicken Deluxe 99 to Quicken Deluxe 2013 - Is it possible?

We've got an ancient machine here in the office still running Quicken Deluxe 99 (yep, 99).

The management here is looking to upgrade and get rid of that PC (it was a stand-alone PC specifically for Quicken and nothing else); they have tasked me with finding out if the data from '99 will be able to get imported into 2013?

We only use a few features of the software  - which is why they have justified putting off upgrading for so long, so there probably isn't a ton of data or anything involved with a lot of the advanced features of Quicken; but the management wants to know if it's possible before they plop down the money for a new version.

I am new to this company - so please don't flame me for not keeping it updated.  They have had the same IT person here for 10 years and why they didn't bother to update is beyond me - every company I have ever worked for previously always updated their financial software yearly or at least every few years - so this is my first time trying a conversion this far between versions.
    Yes, it can be migrated/converted to Quicken 2013.   It will involve converting it to an intermediate version of Quicken before getting to Quicken 2013.  See this article for the details and ALL necessary intermediate software: Using an Intermediate Version To Convert Older Versions of Quicken - Quicken® Support

    If it were me, I'd do the Quicken 2004 install and conversion on the older computer since Quicken 2004 will like it better than Win7 or Win8.  Run reports or at least record all of the account balances prior to starting so that you can confirm the balances at each step of the process.  Make a backup before you start and after each successful step to prevent having to go back and start over from the beginning.

    You will need at least the Deluxe Edition to do this as Checkbook and Starter Editions will only read/use data from prior versions of the same edition.
    • Thank you for the useful input!  It looks as if 2004 is available for free from the page you linked which works out great because (as you might have imagined) they pinch pennies pretty hard around here.

      I'll give this a shot and see where we end up!
    • chrisg: Did this work for you? Was the link to Quicken 99 ok security-wise?  My Norton software alert is making me afraid to download the article.  Appreciate your response.
    • The links to download software in the above "Using an intermediate version ..." link appear OK to me. No alerts from my McAfee.

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