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Can Quicken discontinue online service for a product I purchased in good faith?

  • Can you still manually export from your banking institution?

When you buy Quicken you get 3 years of downloading service. But you can still use your program manually. I was using Quicken 2004 up until Dec 2012 then I switched to Q2013. If you want to continue to download you will have to buy newer version of Quicken when online services is stopped.

Q2009 Online services have been sunsetted (retired) as of April 30. 2012…

So Quicken 2010 will or should be discontinued next April 2013.
Quicken 2011 in April 2014
Quicken 2012 in April 2015 and so on…

But you can still use your program manually.

Versions of Quicken that support Online Banking…….

Oh, whatever you buy don't get the Starter Edition or Checkbook Edition. That is for new users only and will not convert your prior data, unless you are using the Starter Edition now.

If you don't want to upgrade there is a cute little free program that you can use to help automate importing the stock prices. Works pretty good. It's Netstock and I used it in Quicken 2004......

It was never promised to you. I still have my Q2004 box and it says "Online features require internet access and are subject to change" in several places.

  • Your answer to my original questionwas most helpful, and I'd like to comment further.

    Isn't it remarkable that you used a 2004 product for 8 years with no problem. That's similar to Microsoft's Money, which continued to work with online updating, news, etc., no matter the date of the original product. When they discontinued the product, they offered a sunset version, and that was a great assist.

    If Quicken put a end date, clearly stated and easily noticed, on the product box, customers would be informed and could decide if they would purchase. Could be that not many users have contacted Intuit to suggest that.  I think I will.

    Thanks for your practical and useful information.
  • artmag:  see answer below with attachment
Read the End User License Agreement that you agreed to when you installed the software.  The discontinuation information was in it and maintaining the data feeds is not an inexpensive undertaking.  The software will still work, you just won't be able to download data from the financial institution any longer.
    artmag:  here is a scan of the Quicken 2011 box.  Don't know what the 2010 box looked like, but I would say they have done what you suggest at least in 2011.
    • Aha.  Very helpful. Thank you.

      I don't use it to download info from financial institutions, so I admit I would not have paid much attention to that caveat.  If they said that ALL online services would be discontinued, THEN I would have listened up!

      I will read the fine print from now on.
    Thanks to both of you.

    I am not a Quicken fan, as you might suspect.  With Money gone, it seems to be the only game in town.

    Like Facebook, Quicken wants to run my life. I can pass on Facebook, but I need financial software.  I only use the online service to update quotes.When I had to move from Money to Quicken, I found that no matter what I did, Quicken insisted on updating information I did not want updated when I connected to financial institutions.

    My records went back to 1995, so I set the program to update only from the current date on which I was working; no matter - it updated historical transactions, and the dates were often different, which would have meant that I needed to go in over hundreds of entries for reconciliation.

    Tools are to make my life easier, not to give me more work! 
    • You are not required to be a fan of Quicken to get help here.  

      "Like Facebook, Quicken wants to run my life."
      "I can pass on Facebook"
      I can too.  

      "... , but I need financial software."
      'need' is not my word choice, but it makes my life easier.

      "I only use the online service to update quotes."  
      There are other ways to get quotes into Quicken.  Look into NetStock, as one approach often cited in these discussions.

      "When I had to move from Money to Quicken, I found that no matter what I did, Quicken insisted on updating information I did not want updated when I connected to financial institutions."
      Then you gave up too soon or did not ask the right people the right question.  You do not need to connect to financial institutions to run Quicken.  

      I do bemoan somewhat that Quicken has to cater to the least common denominator and thus try to be a black box that does 'everything' for the users that are not otherwise knowledgeable about their own finances.  But they are in the business of making money.  That I do not begrudge them.
    Follow up question. My bank allows me to export data in Quicken format. Will I be able to manually export the data after April 2013?
    • Not in 2010 or older.  Read my links above.
    • Well, you can "export" ... but you can't "import".
    • Hold on!  I got here doing research about the discontinue policy in this thread:
      I read that the reason for the policy has something to do with "Graham, Leach, Bliely and the Safeguard Rules".  So I Googled them, but I am no lawyer and can see nothing in them other then a general "safeguard customer information" type of reason.

      I hit this link from a search of  "why does quicken have a discontinuation policy" thinking I might find an explanation in layman's terms.

      I have been telling everyone you could still use the manual .QFX method after the sunset date.  Now if I understand this thread, "You Can't".???

      So, how do you continue to use 2004 or whatever.  What do you do?

      Now I have to go back and say I lied or did not know what I was talking about.  Bummer!
    • "So, how do you continue to use 2004 or whatever.  What do you do?"

      You enter data manually, or if you are willing to deal with the necessary corrections, duplications, and related issues, you use QIF files.
    • This is the first time I've seen anybody  reference to "Graham, Leach" to justify this policy.

      The justification is simple.
      A) The download protocol evolves and old versions will not work properly. Intuit does not maintain (evolve) old versions.(It seems they have to run as fast as they can, just to keep the current version going).

      B) Intuit wants you to purchase an upgrade to finance this effort.
    • That is the general idea of what I was reading in the Safeguards Rules, FI's are required to change their electronic security practices over time to overcome threats to personal data security.  Might explain why we see so many posts about, "My Bank won't download anymore", midstream, as it were.

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