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Why can't i connect to my bank to download transactions?

Initial setup, I verified the password manually, waited a couple days, still not working. One step update gives an error that it cannot verify the financial institution information. It does go so far to find my 4 accounts at Commerce Bank, but all have $0 balance and cannot get transactions.  Would love to start using this software.
  • Which version of Quicken and Operating System?
    There are a lot of "Commerce Bank"s in the fidir.txt file, can you be more specific.  There website address would be helpful.
  • Thanks for the reply. Quicken 2010 Home & Business, I can get the exact version when I get home. Win7 Ultimate. I chose "Commerce Bank KS, MO, IL Web" as the one without the word "Web" didn't seem to work. Their website is
According to their two entries in the fidir.txt for Quicken 2010:

You could get data from them via all three connection types, Direct Connect, Express Web Connect and Web Connect
See this article which describes the three methods:

Direct Connect is the best, but some financial institutions charge a monthly fee for it, so you might want to check on that and a lot of times, the FI has to turn it on.

I would try a Web Connect download from the FI's website to "prime the pump" so to speak.  That will provide Quicken with all of the correct information about the FI.  Then, you could try to activate Once Step Update from the Online Services tabs of the Edit Account Details screen.

Just so that you aren't surpprised by it, Quicken 2010 will be sunsetted in April, 2013 and no longer be able to do downloads from the FI of any fashion.  See this article for the details, it currently references last year and 2009, but it will soon change to 2010.
[added]  Discontinuation Policy
  • This all seems convoluted. It should just "work" off-the-shelf. OK, so I went through each account and removed the One Step option. I tried to manually download transactions, but received an unknown error. Next I logged into my bank account on their site and downloaded a QFX file for each account, importing into Quicken being careful to select the correct account. So, now I have transactions (yay!), but still can't update transactions from within Quicken (boo!), not manually or with One Step. So, after April 2013 I won't be able to download QFX files? Or is it only the automatic stuff that goes away (which isn't working for me anyway)?
  • doggie - a couple of thought s here, FWIW:

    First, you earlier indicated that you "chose" a specific Commerce Bank entry as others without the word 'Web' did not seem to work.  Please be aware that the object here is not fto find an entry that 'works'.  Rahter the object is to select the entry that actually represents the institution that actually houses your money/accounts.  Many institutions, Bank of America for instance, operate under many different slightly different names and rules depending on where your account is housed.  Not all of them offer the same services to their customers.  And if you attempt to log on to the wrong entry your accounts will not be found because you have invoked a different institution.  So you must insure that you are using the correct entry.  

    Next, as to your comment that Quicken should work 'off the shelf' I would say that my Q2010 Premier does and always did 'work off the shelf'.  Quicken supports multiple download options as a service to both their users as well as their Financial Institution partners.  Each method has its strengths and weaknesses.  Web Connect where a user logs on to their account and initiates downloads from there is almost always free to Quicken users where the FI offers it.  It gives the user much control over the downloads.  Express Web Connect allows the user to schedule automatic downloads where Quicken will attempt to contact your FI on your schedule and 'screen scrape' data and present it to your Quicken.  This is the least reliable method of updating.  It is usually also offerred by any participating FI at no charge to the end user.  Direct Connect is the most reliable update method.  However not all FI;s offer this and namy that do either charge its customers to use it and/or reguire minimum account levels to participate at no charge.  Bottom line is that these offer options for you the Q end user.  You need to do your homework to see which methods your FI;s offer and how you want to use them.

    As for the Q2010 sunsetting after March 2013 youor Quicken will still work.  It is simply the downloading, regardless of whish method you use, that will be sunsetted.  You can still use your Q2010 after the sunset but you will not be able to use ANY automated download features.  It will all become manual entry after the sunset date.



  • OK, I guess I can't endlessly download QFX files. It was a one-time download and now it must connect or it won't work, and it won't connect.
  • doggie,  if it were me I would go back and do Web Connect downloads to keep my data current.  Then I would pursue with your branch of Commerce Bank IT staff to determine which automated download services they offer and which Commerce Bank entry you need to select to use those services.  Presumably this would be Express Web Connect.

    Earlier you indicated something else that got me to thinking.  You said that you were getting an error message 'unable to verify Financial Institution...'.  No matter how you get your QFX download file Quicken needs to be online when you process this said QFX file.  Before Quicken processes these QFX files in your desktop version of Quicken it will always verify the FI before allowing the file to process.  If you are not online when you process the QFX file Quicken will not be able to verify the FI and you will get a message such as you described.

    Again, hope this helps.


I can't fully explain why, but an account that is setup for One Step Update, can not generally accept imported data from a Web Connect .QFX file (you doing the download from the website yourself).  It is either setup for OSU or Web Connect.

This is what I would try.  Deactivate OSU for all of the accounts at one financial institution.  Do a Web Connect download from the website and make sure that it "links" (don't let it create a new account) to the correct existing account.  Edit that account from the Account List and try to activate OSU.  It should not need to know which FI since it got all that info from the .QFX file.  Now, test the OSU and see if it gives you an error.  Hopefully not, but if it does, you can de-activate OSU for the account and continue doing the Web Connect downloads from the FI into the account.  Using the Web Connect download to establish the correct FI info eliminates the question of has the correct one been selected from the list.
  • Doggie,

    Please hang in there with your Quicken.  It will be worth your time.

    As far as the three Quicken download connection methods are concerned these are not necessarily offering you, the Quicken end user, a choice of which to use.  They are simply the three methods that Intuit makes available to each participating Financial Institution (FI).  It is each FI that contracts with Intuit as to which method(s) they will subscribe to and offer to their Quicken-using banking customers.  If your FI does not subscribe to any of these methods it will NOT be available to you.  This is why it is so important that you understand which of these methods your FI supports.

    Based on your earlier comments it seems that your FI supports Web Connect at a minimum.  Yesterday you indicated that you logged on to your account and downloaded a QFX file for each account.  This method is called Web Connect.  Then you took the time and care to properly assign each of these QFX files to its proper account in your Quicken file.

    So far, so good.  You should now have each of your Quicken accounts so downloaded properly linked to its corresponding account at your FI.  Now each subsequent time you use Web Connect to download future QFX files you should not ever have to reconnect the QFX files to its own Quicken account.  Quicken will remember the relationship and use it for each download.  This relationship should remain intact until you remove the account from One Step Updates.  Once so removed you will have to reestablish the relationship.  This should be a rare occurrence.

    Perhaps this is what you mean when you say that there is only one option - to connect on line or not.  Perhaps Web Connect is the only option your FI offers.  If so, then yes, you must log into your account and download from there.

    But make no mistake.  These download methods are NOT behind the scenes.  You, the end user, will handle each differently.  

    The method you previously described using is Web Connect.  You should be able to continue to use Web Connect.  You indicated that when you try to do another web connect that the proper accounts are grayed out.  This would be the case if you have removed the account from One Step Update.  If you have done this you will need to reactivate it for One Step Update and reinitiate a Web Connect download.  As previously mentioned once this connection is established it should remain and you should be able to continue your Web Connect downloads.

    In Splasher's response he indicated that at least one of the Commerce Bank entries indicated that it supports Express Web Connect, assuming that is what Exp. Web Connect means.  Express Web Connect is where your tell your Quicken to schedule your downloads at a specific time.  Typically you would schedule this for a time that you are not using your Quicken, possibly in the middle of the night.  After Quicken performs this Express Web Connect update the new transactions should be available for your review in the registers the next time you use Quicken.

    Again, this is a choice that you MAY make to streamline your updates IF your FI offers it.  It looks like this is how you have your accounts set up per your description of the Online Services setup.

    Your best bet would probably be to continue your efforts to contact your local Commerce Bank On-Line experts to verify that you are using the proper URL and log-on credentials to access your accounts.  Bear in mind that on occasion your FI may require different logon credentials for on-line access.  You may have to request that your FI issue your new online credentials for your express web connect to work.

    Please keep up posted with your progress.



I eventually solved this.

I called Commerce Bank and they reset my password to be my last 4 of my SSN, and instructed I would be asked to change my password upon initial login, which I was.

In Quicken, I learned that in Account Details, if I clear out the FI name, then I can go to Set Up Online for that account, and it will ask me to type one and find one in the list.

OK, here are three options for Commerce Bank MO, KS, IL, Commerce Bank MO, KS IL Web, and Commerce Bank & Trust. The only one that finally worked for me was the first one, WITHOUT the word "Web" in the name. 

The accounts finally connected and downloaded transactions within Quicken. Yay! Now, I just need to set the starting amounts so that the balances are correct. Thanks everyone for the assistance.

FWIW, advising to do a "Direct Connect" as opposed to a One Step Connect, etc. is confusing for someone who never used Quicken before, especially since it's not labeled that way in the software, at least not the 2010 version.



After trying again later in the same day, the connection is not working!! Ugh this is frustrating. The password is the same, saved in the vault!!
  • Anyone have any ideas why the password would stop working? I've tried connecting directly on my FI site as mentioned and of course that works just fine, just not working (AGAIN!!) within Quicken. What's the deal?
  • On the phone with Commerce Bank, and the login credentials for their site and for quicken are different logins, although I've actually set them up as the same password. I don't know why it would be locked, but there was a mention on the Quicken screen of the pin/password being locked.
  • They reset my Quicken password. I deleted my Quicken files and started all over. It connected successfully and downloaded transactions for the past 93 days, and the balances are correct in the 4 accounts. Phew!

    I will wait a couple of days and make sure it works in the long-term before marking this question as being resolved.
Thanks for the replies. I will try to gather as much as I can from your reply to produce results. As it stands, I'm on the fence about using Quicken or keeping with my spreadsheet budgeting. If I can get this connection to work, I have no problem upgrading to 2013 version, as it looks like Quicken has many more bells and whistles than my spreadsheet solution (of course!). But, if it doesn't work, well, that is a major deciding factor. If I can't get the automated transactions to work, I will stick with the spreadsheets.

I've seen mention of the 3 types of connections, and followed the link to learn more about them. But honestly, while there might be 3 types behind the scenes, from my perspective as an end-user, I see only one option, and that is to connect online or not.

I will try to contact my Commerce Bank IT staff to determine which option to choose, but I do feel I have the correct one with the "Web" option. I'm early enough in the setup that I simply deleted my Quicken file to start all over when the other FI connection didn't work.

Here is a step-by-step of what I'm doing and what I'm seeing:

One Setup Update processes for a bit, toggling "Receiving.." etc. and eventually gives an error four times (for the four accounts) that the info cannot be verified. I have set these up in the vault, and verified the password, typing it very slowly without caps lock, etc. Going to account details, online services tab, I see "One Step Update is activated" and Express Web Connect is used, and the only option is "Remove from One Step Services" Clicking that to deactivate the service, the only option I see is to "Set up online", where I must select the connection again, which is the Web one. and after connecting and receiving, I can select that this is an existing account, and then I get the same error about not validating the information. It's a vicious circle and never really "works" to get transactions. Also, I don't see the other two options you're talking about. Like I said, it's either connect or not.

I am on my home wi-fi and have a constant, hi-speed connection.

You mentioned QFX files, which I was able to download once for each account (presumable to get starting amounts). But, I don't see how to get another QFX file to download, as when I attempt this, the account is greyed out as if I cannot select it. I would be OK with downloading a QFX file each month if I knew how to do it. I see how to download the QFX file from my FI, but importing into Quicken is where the steps are not clear.

As my next steps, I will talk to my bank, but any other information from Quicken on what I may be missing would be greatly appreciated as well. It's a little frustrating and I'm trying to make it work, it just isn't working.

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