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"Quicken cannot open the data file because it is in use by some other application"

When I try to open my Quicken (.QDF) data file by launching Quicken 2013, I get an error message that reads, "Quicken cannot open the data file because it is in use by some other application. Please close that application and try again." However, I have NO OTHER Applications running. What is the problem, and what can I do? This happened after I had had a manual backup to external drive not complete successfully.
    It's not a Quicken problem.

    Some other software on your computer is using your Quicken file. You need to find out what software that is and either stop running it, or control when/whether it accesses your Quicken file(s).

    If you don't already have any clues (automatic backup application, for example?), I believe there are quite a few free apps around that can do the trick; Google for them. 

    Here's one I think will work:
    • This was helpful.  Thank you.  In case it's helpful for others -- I rebooted and still received the "Quicken cannot open the data file because it is in use..." error.  I checked in the Task Manager for apps and processes that were running, but didn't see anything that stood out as the culprit.  So I started to close items in the System Tray, and that did the trick.  Unfortunately I'm not sure which app that I closed made the difference, but I was running a couple of online backup/file share services, and I think that was likely the problem.  I've been running those for quite a while without a problem, so I'm not sure what has changed now.  Thanks for the help.
    Rebooting your PC should fix this issue. However, I came across the very same thing with Quicken 2010 Home and Business, and rebooting didn't fix the problem nor did using autoruns to disable all Quicken related startups. As it turns out, Quicken tries to establish a web connection, using the IE rendering engine, and this file is where Quicken trips over itself. If you download and run a program called OpenedFilesView from, you will probably find a few files called index.dat that are being used by Quicken. If you kill these processes, Quicken should then be able to open again without issue. At least that's what worked for me. Hope that helps
      I placed my Quicken data files on Dropbox and I now realize that was causing the problem. It is nice to be able to retrieve QData from Dropbox, but not if it causes these problems. Is there any work around I wonder?
      • Dropbox can be used to BACKUP your Q data file ... but the file that you regularly use should ALWAYS be on your hard drive ... as should the program files.  
        No version of Q is intended for use on a network. There are tales of woe all over this board of those who tried.  It works for a bit ... and then the first minor hiccup and you've got problems.  One user, a couple of weeks ago, had his entire data file scrambled.

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