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Should I upgrade to Quicken Home & Business 2013 from the 2010 version which works perfectly for me?

I have noticed that on the Amazon site the one star reviews outnumber the five star reviews by more than 2 to 1 at this time.

That is a bad sign for my potential upgrade.
  • If you don't do mobile banking then you should like Q13.
  • Thanks,  I do not intend to use any mobile banking features.
  • If you don't do downloads, you don't have to upgrade from 2010.  It is the download capability and tech support that will be sunsetting in April'2013, the rest of the program will continue to work as it always has.
  • I do use downloads from my bank and stock prices.  I also pay bills with Quicken up to the bank.  However, I can pay bills at the bank site and manually post cleared checks and stock prices to Quicken if required.
    Are those downloads somehow impaired in the 2013 version?

    Does Quicken 2013 destroy old statement formats from Quicken 2010?  I just recieved my 50% year end upgrade offer from Intuit.  Should I go for it or stay with Quicken 2010 forever?

    With so many bad reviews over at the Amazon site, I'm reluctant to upgrade this time.
  • I am trying to figure out the same thing...should I upgrade from 2010 Deluxe to 2013 Deluxe (or possibly premier).  I know I need to by April but not sure 2013 is stable yet.  If you upgraded, let me know if it was a good move.
  • I'll probably buy the Quicken H&B 2013 version on March 15, 2013, from Amazon and then upgrade my 2010 version.  I'll uninstall the 2010 version first, do a Disk Cleanup, reboot and the install 2013.  By that time almost all the bugs in 2013 will probably have been fixed by Intuit.

    If any major bugs are still there, I will uninstall 2013 and go back to 2010 with a saved backup file and stay with 2010 in perpetuity.
  • I have 2013 and do not like it. They changed te fil format for imports and I am having trouble importing to existing accounts. It will not let you upload past transactions to an existing account. I would not recommend this version. It has cost me a lot of time and I still have not figured it out. There is no one you can talk to for help either.
  • I just upgraded from Quicken Premier 2010 to Premier 2013 which I use mainly for tracking my investments.  The "Account Overview" default window is gone.  Now the only window that comes up is the one that displays the transactions on the securities in the account.  The Account Overview window is now under the little gear icon and opens in a separate pop up window.  This window needs to be customized.  I am really disappointed in this new display.  I haven't been able to find a default setting to see my securities in an Overview Window.  I've already spent half a day on trying to figure all this out.
  • Cutter,

    In 2010 QH&B I go to View and have checked off: "Show Tabs and Action Bar" and "Show Tool Bar."  In my investing accounts I am showing: Overview, Value and Transactions.  See if you can go to View and check off those items. Then post back here if it fixes your problem.
  • 2013 does not have those options, apparently. That is my objection to the updated software.  Overview and Value are now separate pop up windows.
  • Cutter,

    Right click at the top of the transaction screen and see if you can select an option to "Show Tool Bar" first.
  • I don't see any action at the top of the transaction screen by right clicking.
  • That is then a major problem for me.  I'm used to seeing Overview - Value - Transactionss tabs at the top of each investment account.  If you and I can't resolve it in this thread, I won't upgrade.

    Can you click on the Investment account from the Sidebar at the left? If the accounts don't show on the left, can you click View on the top and then Account Bar \ Show \ On Left?
  • tjfranks said: "I have 2013 and do not like it. They changed te fil format for imports and I am having trouble importing to existing accounts. It will not let you upload past transactions to an existing account. I would not recommend this version. It has cost me a lot of time and I still have not figured it out. There is no one you can talk to for help either."

    It looks like all of us have to help each other.  Once when the Quicken site was down and I was not able to download from my bank, the Indian tech support put me through 60 minutes of activity.  Then I went to the site and it was dowin. I had to tell HIM the problem in the end.

    Did you try to import to a dummy a account and then cut and paste to the account you want?  Also, if there are not too may transactions, try to just enter them manually.
  • I'd have kept Q2011 if there was any way possible. The budgeting was screwed up in 2012, and seems not much better in 2013. The only reason I've updated is to keep downloading transactions. Every year, about this time, the existing version starts having problems, and I have to upgrade. Something different this year, though: Q2013 has the same updating problems as Q2012, so I'm out money for nothing.

    Keep what you have as long as it works for you!
  • I had a chat on the help line.  I was informed that they changed the layout for the 2011 version.  They said it was due to customer requests, but I find that hard to believe.  The way it works now is that you have that for a security, the only window that shows is the transaction list.  Then there is a tool looks like a gear, which opens to a pull down menu.  There you choose the Overview window and the Value window.  That creates a small icon above the transactions.  Then when you click on either icon (neither of which is labeled, and they look identical) you get a pop up window showing the Overview or the Value.  These two items were tabs previously, (in 2010 version).  Also, it seems to me that the data that you could actually see and use in those old windows is now less accessable in the new pop up windows.    I really am not very pleased with this change.
  • cutter24,  I agree that the 2010 display of investment accounts is far better.  As of now with all the problems I'm probably just staying with the 2010 program until 12 months from now when the 2014 program is available for 3 months.  Intuit is bound to get it good with one of these versions.  If Intuit reads this Forum, perhaps it will incorporate our suggestions for the 2014 development.
  • Suggestions and enhancement requests are taken at:
  • Having spent hours with Q2013 I really wish I had never upgraded from 2011.  Budgeting and Reports are seriously flawed.
a)  I would not look at the 50% off sale as a do-or-die deal.  I will grant that it is a good deal, but it is common to be able to buy Quicken from reputable dealers at well below the MSRP. 

b)  There have been signficant issues with the impementation of mobile access to your data -- a feature that was introduced new in QW2013.  I believe that generated a large number of negative reviews.  (I should also admit I have not looked at the reviews at Amazon - your apparent primary source.)  My interpretation of comments from this site - from users whose opinions I respect  - is that aside from the mobile access issue, QW2013 is a solid product. 

It is possible that specific reports, statements, invoice forms, etc. will not convert smoothly from one version of Quicken to the next.  That has always been something of an issue - a risk.  That should be readlly apparent to you within the first days of use.  If need be, you can then make use of Intuit's 60-day money-back policy. 

From what I am reading in this discussion, I think you will want to move to QW2013 before your QW2010 sunsets in April, 2013.   

    volvogirl said: "What do you mean distroy old statement formats?"

    I'm worried that, if I upgrade my Quicken Home and Business 2010 to the 2013 version, all my old custom statements may not work properly.  Some folks at the Amazon review site implied this possibliity.

    I just got the 50% off offer from Intuit good until Dec 31, 2012.  Thus, I must decide soon whether to go forever with the 2010 version or upgrade to 2013.

    I'll rely on what others post here.  Reviews at the page for this product at the Amazon site seem mostly very negative.  If they had been mostly positive, I wouldn't even be thinking about the upgrade.  I'd just do it.
    • I feel the same way I want to upgrade but there review are very bad. Everywhere  you go the review are the same.  I just don't want my data to be out of balance.  Especially i use quicken for a business as well. I only do upgrade when i have too.
    • You have to remember, users generally only come here for two reasons, 1) they have a problem or to complain; 2) find out how it is going like you have.
      If you read the posts, they have been mostly about the mobile process, if you won't be using it, it will not affect you or your data.  The other gripe, is the new loan process changes made so that users could download their loan transactions.  Doing so, has hurt the process in my opinion just to get one transaction downloaded a month in an account.  The reminder, which is still available, makes so much more sense to me, but evidently, there were a lot of squeaky wheels out there asking for it, so they gave it to them.  Sometimes, you have to be careful a what you ask for.
      I'm using Quicken 2013 and happy with it.  If you upgrade, you will need Deluxe or better, as Checkbook and Starter Editions will only work with data from their own prior edition versions.
    • splasher,

      I'm sticking with 2010.  However, IF I see lots of 5 star ratings for 2013 at the Amazon site and lots of fixes announced in this Forum by the end of March, I can always upgrade until the end of April.

    What do you mean distroy old statement formats?


    When you buy Quicken you get 3 years of downloading service. But you can still use your program manually. I'm still using Quicken 2004. If you want to continue to download you will have to buy newer version of Quicken.

    Q2009 Online services have been sunsetted (retired) as of April 30. 2012. So next April they will discontinue 2010…

    Versions of Quicken that support Online Banking…….

    Oh, whatever you buy don't get the Starter Edition or Checkbook Edition. That is for new users only and will not convert your prior data, unless you are using the Starter Edition now.

      I discovered a major bug in the Validate process if one buy Treasury Securities.  It appears that when Validate removes obsolete QEL transactions, it also removes the price of the Treasury Security taken from the purchase transaction.

      Since Treasury security prices are not downloaded by Quicken like traded, marketable securities, the is the only source for its valuation at purchase.  This is especially serous for Treasury Bills since they retain the value at purchase until matured at par.  Treasury Notes are revalued every month after purchase.

      For current holdings, one can re-enter the price manually. However, for matured Treasury Bills one would have to go back to the portfolio on every month to see and correct the price history for all prior purchases.

      If one has large amouints of Treasury Securities, this would be too much work.

      Thus, I will NOT upgrade to 2013 Quicken H&B unless this bug is fixed before March 15, 2013.

      • So did you do a Ctrl-Z to recalculate the register which should also recalculate and record prices based on security purchases.  

        It sounds to me as if you may have some corruption in your price-history data which is an altogether different issue than a "major bug in the Validate process".

        One of the reasons to only validate a copy of your datafile is to protect against unintended consequences.
      • I did not try the CTRL Z.  I didn't know about it.  I'll try the process again and re-post.  I did the Validate on a copy of the file so I was able to restore the original.

        Thanks for the advice on the CTRL Z.
      • Where does one do the CTRL Z?  I tried it and nothing happened.
      • With the investment register open and visible, any transaction selected, Ctrl-Z
      • q.lurker,

        Thanks a bunch and God bless you.  I never knew about that before.  Now I can upgrade on March 15, 2013, to the 2013 Quicken H&B..

        I ran  Net Worth and Compartiave Surplus statements (custom) and all numbers matched what I had before the Validate.

        My Validate results:

        QDF: no errors
        QEL: no read errors
        QEL: Removed 174 qel records for payments not in register.  Removed 9 qel records for transfers not in register.

        I only leave 8 years of records in my QDF file when I copy it at the end of each year but leave all investement records in intact for the entire history of my Quicken use.

        Plus, I have many Hidden accounts no longer being used. They do have transactions but a zero ending balance.

        I'll do my copy on Jan 1, 2013, which will eliminate all non-investment transactions prior to 12.31.2004.  My opening balances now read 12/31/2003.

        Should I worry about the 183 removed qel records?  My custom statements seem fine and now the Treasury market values have been restored.  I'll do another Validate and CTRL Z on Jan 1, 2103, to start the year with a backed up QDF file then as well.  Do you think the removed qel have damaged the file?  Should I use this Validated file to go forward or should I drop back to the backup file.?
      • I can't offer you any specific advice.  Generally, I would advise to continue with the validated copy, but in your case, you had altered price history data from QEL changes, which strikes me as abnormal.  (QEL transactions associate to electronic downloaded data.). I would be concerned that there may be other impacts from the validation changes you have not yet identified.  Further, your process of deleting old history is not my chosen approach.  All I can offer is, Good Luck.
      • q.lurker,

        Now it makes sense.  Since I've been eliminating payment records for 2003, 2002 and 2001 since I've had my 2010 QH&B, all the related QEL records had to go since they have no associated payment records left.  The QEL records related to transfers have to do with similar records for those years when I transferred funds between banks.

        Since the custom Net Worth and Comparative Surplus statements on the Validated file match the same statements on the backup files, that would seem to imply there are no other serious errors.

        In the past I had done the Validate at year end then only used the backup files.  I eliminated other errors disclosed by the Validate process using the backup files.  I never knew of the CTRL Z action to refresh Treasury security prices and that is why I had only carried forward my backup files.

        Now I feel confident that the Validated flie is the proper one to go forward.  Before I uninstall the 2010 program and install the 2013 program I will again do a Validate and CTRL Z.  After the 2013 program is isntalled I'll do it again.  Its possible that some errors being experienced by new users of the 2013 program have something to do with their old QDF files which may never have been validated until the upgrade.

        In any event, I've decided to buy the 2013 QH&B program tomorrow at the 50% discount and then install it on Feb 1, 2013.  That will give Intuit another 30 days to fix bugs.  After that I'll wait 3 years for the next upgrade.
      • q.lurker said: "With the investment register open and visible, any transaction selected, Ctrl-Z"

        Where did you find that keyboard shortcut?  I looked under Keyboard shortcuts in the Help area of QHB 2010 and I couild not find it.

        Is there a listing somewhere on the internet with all special keyboard shorcuts like that?
      • That is a long-time tool that is not really a short-cut.  It is really a data correction tool.  Been talked about here for years and on other similar (newsgroup) sites.  You can find it mentioned here and there in the Quicken help file - sort of if you know what to look for.
      • q.lurker,
        I never saw the <CTRL> Z action in an investment transaction to refresh all investment prices after a Validate in the Help file.  That should be mentioned in the Help file for how to use Validate.  In any event, Ive got to thank you again.  That was the missing link to move forward with Validated files.  IN the past I had used the Validate Log to correct the non-validated files and move forward with them.
      • Here is the Intuit KB article on Recalulating an investment register:
      • a.lurker,

        Thanks for that link.  I did a Validate again after copying 2005 to 2012 records.  This time prices were not removed from the Validated file.  I presume the last <CTRL> Z fixed them so they will last.

        I notice another person here lost all his Custom reports after udating to QW 2013. He did it after Release 10.  Thus, a major bug still exists in 2013.

        If you notice that particular bug is finally fixed by a later release. I'd appreceate it if you psot the results to this thread.  Then I'll take a chance and buy and install QHB 2013.
      • "If you notice ..."

        Just a reminder, I am not a user of QW2013, so I do not follow all the associated goings-on with that version.  You'll have to make your own decision as to whom you wish to listen.  

        Further, converting customized reports from one version of Quicken to a newer version has always had an aspect of risk.  For most users, it does not seem to be an issue.  For some users, previously saved reports need to be regenerated.  If you need 100% assurance on that aspect without trying it out on your own with your own datafile, you'll be using QW2010 from here on out.
      • I'm going to use Snagit to copy all my report configuration screens just in case I do upgrade to 2013 and need to recustomize all my reports.  I still have not made a decision whether to upgrade.  I'm leaning to staying with 2010.  I can always try again with the 2014 version next year.
      I would hold off because 2013 is very buggy.  They have done 10 updates already and they still have many issues to fix.  I was a new user and am seeing these bugs, I would imagine there would be even more when migrating from an older version.

      Hold out until you have a feature that isn't working.
      • Jason,

        I have to upgrade since on April, 2013, my right to dowload data to the 2010 QH&B will cease.  I'd like to continue that privelege.
      I noticed in another thread here that custom reports grouped in a folder attached to the toolbar can't be individually run from that folder per this thread:

      Thus, I'm delaying my upgrade from QHB 2010 to QHB 2013.  That problem is critical for me.

      I just may have to stay with QHB 2010 for the rest of my life.

        RRaisley, you and others posting all these problems here as well as all the negative reviews at the Amazon site have convinced me to do without upgrading to QHB 2013.  I'll buy QHB 2014 a year from now on 12/31/ 2013 and then install that one on 2/1/2014.


        I'll do without automatic downloads starting in April.  I'll pay the bills manually at the bank site and manually post that they are cleared from viewing that site.  I can get the bank balance there and then reconcile with QHB 2010.  I only have 6 stock positions and can download those prices manually each day


        Treasury securities were never covered by Quicken.  With the <CTRL> Z on an open security transaction I can now refresh purchase prices into those valuations.


        There have been periods of time when either there when I could not download anyway from the Quicken site or other times when submitted payments were rejected.  During those incidents I had to manually take care of those problems.


        Very much thanks to q.lurker for that <CTRL> Z advice.  That is the best advice I have had from Quicken ever.!

          Well I just upgraded to 2013 because of the mobile access features and because I took advantage of a five-day special offer from Quicken with a 50% discount... which ended 12/31/2012.

          I have already dived into 2013 guys and will certainly be on the look out for all the bugs and warnings mention in this post. However as a long time user of Intuit products I have always manage to work around any minor bugs and problems.

          Will try to post any problems I run into... and pay it forward.

          I am… SageChaser

            Using Quicken Home and Business 2010 I just tried to make a payment through Quicken and received the following message:  "This payment has been rejected.  it is too late to make this payment."

            Howoever, I was able to make the payment without any problems at my bank site.  This is the second time this happened to me.  I notice the last time when the cleared transaction was downloaded, my attachments were deleted and I had to make them again.  Had I just marked the transcastion cleared manually, that would not have happened.

            My conclusion is that its simply not worth upgrading since this kind of flaw indicates  I should just drop back to making all my payments from the bank site and forget the use of Quicken for that purpose.  Evidently, there are bugs in the Quicken server.
            • I just realized that both times Quicken placed a due date 4 days short on my transaction from what the bank placed as a due date when I entered it at the bank.  In the future, if it happens, I'll add 4 days to the prior due date and resubmit.

              So far as the upgrade to 2013, I decided I'll buy it now with the 50% discount but NOT install it.  I'll then install it 6 weeks later after more bugs have been corrected by Intuit.  I'll keep a copy of my old data file.  Then I'll try out all its features.  If there is a major bug(s), I'll uninstall 2013 and just go with the 2010 version in perpetuity with manual adjustments for stock prices and payments.

              Thanks for all the advice posted here.
            • I would not choose to waste 42 of the 60 day guarantee period with QW2013 sitting on the shelf.
            • Thanks.  You convinced me.  I'll upgrade to Quicken H&B 2013 on March 15, 2013.  Hopefully, by then all the major bugs will have been corrected by Intuit.  I'll do my upgrades every three years to minimize the problems and keep an old data file for the first week of my using the upgrade just in case I have to downgrade.  The sunset doesn't take place until the end of April, I believe.
            Quicken 2013 is seriously flawed and the worst upgrade I have ever done.  I have been a Quicken user since it first began and this is the worst product they have ever launched. It is slow, constantly crashes, constant download errors and they even took away some of the best features.  I used to really like seeing the portfolio view in my investment accounts as a default - well no longer you have to look at a list of stock transactions by default now with no ability to change the view.  Quicken, what the heck have you done to this product?  I wish there were some alternatives, such as MS Money, because at this point I would switch.  Will Quicken listen to the complaints?  Probably not!

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