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turn off quicken cloud

I would like to turn off the sync for quicken cloud. I set it up but it does not do anything that my banks don't do for me. Just another hassel.
    If you really don't want to synch, I suggest to permanently delete your Quicken Cloud ID. This can be done through Edit -> Preferences -> Mobile and Alerts. After that, you can unlink this data file by clicking on the button.  Hope that helps.
    • Just for information, the recent R11 has an option to disable the reminder to sync to cloud. It will ask you once during exit and if you would like to turn it off, ensure to tick accordingly. Try it.
    • Yes it works.  Now how do I turn the reminder back on?
    • Well, I see no option to turn it back. Fortunately, you can click on "Mobile & Alerts" tab to sync. It's no different. Some people is annoyed by the way it prompt every time before the release of R11 (me too). Now, if Intuit push the old method again, sure everyone will fire up to Intuit (including me). Now, you can conveniently sync whenever you want, not bothered by the prompt anymore.

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