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Is anyone having problems with Target Red Card downloads?

I started getting error messages about 2 weeks ago and havenot been able to down load transaction since.  I have been to thier web siite and reset that to recgnize my machine and that hasn't worked.  There CS people are of know help.  I believe this is a problem at Target National Bank and no Quickens.
  • Which version of Quicken and Operating System?
    What are the error messages?  (be exact)
  • I am having the same issue and have since Dec. 4.  This has happened in both Quicken 2012 as well as upgrading to Quicken 2013 (Rental Property Manager version for me on both).  Originally the error number I was getting was CC-502 and the details would just describe that it was an issue with Quicken... I've since tried to disconnect and reconnect and while I can get it to log in, it won't finish the steps to activate the downloading of account information from Target.  I then tried to restore a backup and started getting the 800 error indicating that it was due to restoring a backup.  None of those have allowed me to update Target.
  • I'm having the same problems.  I use Quicken 2012 with Windows 7.  It used to work fine but now it says it's the "Quicken servers" and to try later.  It says it's not Target so not to contact them about the problem.  I have disconnected the account and connected it a few times.  It asks for my phone # and SSN over and over.  I can log in to Target and manually download transactions just fine.  Then it asks if I want to set up in One Step Update.  I try to do that and it fails.
  • same here.  i even removed online services for my target card and attempted to re-add it, but when I do, it shows my account but then says "unknown type" and "ignore".  quicken 2012 premier windows 7 64-bit.
  • I have the same issue.  I got the error on Friday Dec 7 and then removed online services for my target card and attempted to re-add it.   I get the same "unknown type" and "ignore".    I have Quicken 2012 Deluxe - Windows 7 Pro 64-bit.  

    I even called Target and Quicken yesterday about this. After being on the phone with each over an hour - they both pointed the finger at the other company.   I call quicken back today and made them read this post.  Maybe that will help.
  • I have been having problems downloadin.... so i thought to remove services and add back.... and now I am stuck with the "unknown type" error
Surprise! For some unexplained reason, I was able to download my Target account today without an error message. Those of you that were having the problem I was might find this of interest.
  • Wow!  Mine worked too!  All it asked me was my home phone and then it connected without a problem.  It would have been nice to hear it from Intuit that it is fixed.
  • Why not from your financial institution?  They are probably the ones that fixed it.
  • We just got a Target RED card and I keep getting the error (for several weeks now) in Quicken that says "Sorry. We could not connect to Target National Bank," after it asked for the last four digits of my socials security number.
There is a note in Hot Topics on: (lower section of webpage) that addresses and issue with Target and Quicken Essentials.  Don't know if it crosses over into the Windows products.

    I got an answer from Target stating that problem is caused my computer's security set to high, not allowing them to leave the required cookie on it.   For all the good it will do, I wrote back to them and suggested they check their web site as I do not believe it is work correctly.  In the mean time I am manually downloading off thier web site.

    • I upgraded to Quicken 2013 today from Quicken 2010. My Target RED card now downloads. So that was it.

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