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Why won't Intuit support Mac users?

What's up with Intuit?  It won't upgrade quicken 2007 like it does for a similar program for Windows. All we get is  Q essentials which is a mere shadow compared to Q for Mac 2007.  Turbotax also refuses to release a Mac version of turbotax for Business. I'm no computer expert, but isn't that a natural move foe such a big company like Intuit?
  • You don't want to hear it, but Mac is well below 20% of the market.  It is tough to justify the expenditure for such a small number of potential sales.  There isn't a version that runs on Linux and it is rather popular, but once again, no where near what Windows is.
  • 75 million Mac users and that's not enough for Intuit?
  • While I don't know where you came up with the number, let's just assume it's accurate. That # doesn't reflect the number of those users who are purchasing Quicken.
  • You can play the numbers game all day long and I can find supposedly accurate current numbers that say less than that.  This site talks in percentages: and has Mac at under 10%.  You say 75M, what percentage of those buyers are going to use Quicken, you take that into consideration and it doesn't pay.  If it is such a lucrative market, how come nobody else is successfully going after that market share?  I firmly don't believe that Intuit makes a lot of money from Quicken, keeping up the data feeds for Express Web Connect is very labor intensive and requires constant maintenance.  To look at the software market as a whole, the Mac stuff is pretty thin.
    You can argue it all you want, money talks, and evidently it isn't speaking loud enough from the Mac world.  Heck, Microsoft got out of it because even they couldn't make any money at it.
  • Just venting after having to install Windows  XP on my Mac in order to do my business taxes!
  • Yeah life can be a pain. :-)

    I have always noticed that people seem to get one idea backwards.  In the 1980s people asked me "what computer should I buy".
    My answer is was always another question.  What do you want to do on it?  There is no perfect machine/OS whatever for everyone in the world.
    When you buy a Windows machine you take it with it flaws, one of which is just the fact by being the most used OS it will be the most attacked one (viruses).  This has still not changed after all these years.  People just assume what they are looking for a is a "computer" instead of looking for a solution to their needs.  Like anything they will buy will work just fine, and when it doesn't it is someone's fault for not providing it.

    When you buy a Mac you have to deal with the simple fact that the personal finances pickin's are pretty slim.
    If I by an X-box and a game I would really like is only sold on the PS3, I just have to live with that fact.

    Actually the truth is, we are probably one act short of the same being true on the Windows side.  What if tomorrow Intuit decided to stop making Quicken.  Show me any other product even on the Windows side that competes?
Market share and money comments are all interesting and important, but it avoids the real issue of honesty and respect for your clients. If Quicken were to say "Mac users just aren't worth the time and effort for our business model", most of us would move on and adjust (buy different software or move to windows). But, we keep getting the "you are very important to us" message, while being completely ignored from the update and repair standpoint. I spent money on Intuit, trusting them with my financial needs ... they have responded by ignoring every request, lack of updates for 5 years ... but still issuing the "hold on, we still love you" message. This is intellectually dishonest.

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