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Quicken 2013 budget report not showing all TO lines

Running budget report under Quicken 2013.

I have transfers from checking account to investment accounts that are not showing up. The TO Investment Account category is selected under categories to include in the budget and all the relevant accounts and categories are selected in the budget report. Anybody know why this might be? Same report worked fine in Quicken 2012.
  • Haven't seen an answer to this problem. Is anyone else experiencing this. Again, I have transfers from my paycheck to my 401(K). I've selected "To 401K" as a category to include in budget - in the budget report I have "show transfers" and I have both accounts selected, yet it's not showing up as a  line in the budget report.
  • I have been thinking about this problem.  Assuming you are tracking the gross paycheck in your budget, do you see the transfer to 401k listed in your budget with the proper figure?  It is just not showing up in the Budget report?

    Try pulling an Income/Expense by category report and see if the transfer is listed properly.
  • I am having the same problem.  The transfer to 401k is not showing up in the budget report, even when I check the include all transfers box.
  • This appears to be fixed in Update 9
  • My problem is some categories not showing up when posting to them. All categories are showing in the budget with their respective amounts, but when it comes to posting, some of them dont' come up.  Any solution to this problem? Thanks.
Chrisdvd - yes, it is in the budget with the proper figure. It does show properly on the Income/Expense by category report. Just not on the budget report. This same report worked fine in previous Quicken versions. <Sigh>
  • We just have to wait for the R that fixes budget reports then.

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