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Transfer an account to another Quicken user

I use Quicken 2010.  I was the Treasurer for an association and maintained the association checking account in my home Quicken along with 2 other home accounts.  I need to transfer just the association account to the new Treasurer.  How can I do this without also transferring my 2 personal accounts?  Currently, all three accounts are all backed up/stored under one file name.
    Make a copy of your Quicken data file. File | File Operations | Copy. Choose a name for the copy so you know it is the association file. Open the Association file.

    Go to the Account List (CTRL A) and delete your two accounts. If you have any reminders for your two accounts, you will need to delete those reminders before you can delete your accounts.

    You'll probably want to clean up other areas as well. Memorized Payees (CTRL T), Category List (Shift CTRL C), Reports, etc., any area that has personal info you don't want to share.
      As you are learning now, never mix accounts in the same file that don't belong together.  You can create as many different data files as your computer can hold (think of an accountant with a different file for each customer).

      The easiest way out of you problem is to make a copy ( File -> Save a Copy As ), name it something appropriate for the association,  open the copy and delete your personal data/accounts from the copy.  Be sure to delete any scheduled reminders, memorized payees, etc from the copy for the association.  When you have done all your deletions, make a new copy of that using:
      File -> File Operations -> Copy which should then purge the deleted stuff from the file.  The second copied file is the one to give to the next treasurer.

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