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Quicken Deluxe 2013, Installed - How to I get Billminder at Windows Startuo - Win XP

I can't seam to get Billminder on my desktop at Windows Startup?
I have tried to install from CD as per instructions without any luck.
Could it not be working since my Quicken is password protected?
Can only find Billminder Application on CD and when I click it I get error!
    You can edit preferences so that on startup it opens Bills, not aware of a way to have it open Bill and Income Reminders, otherwise click Tools > Manage Bill and Income Reminders on the menu after Quicken starts.
      Took forever to find out how to do it but I knew it could be done because I have used it.  I hardly turn my computer off, so did not really need it.  Anyway here are the instructions from the help file (thanks to Google searching).

      1. Choose Start menu > Programs > Quicken 2013 > Billminder.
      2. Click Options, and select the options you want to use.
        • Tell me about the specific options
          • Check Enable Billminder on Windows startup if you want to display Billminder each time you start your computer.
          • Check Only show Billminder if there are alerts or scheduled bills or deposits due if you want Billminder to display only when you need to take action.
          • Check Show scheduled bills and deposits if you want Billminder to display these items.
          • Check Show checks to print if you want Billminder to display your upcoming checks to print.
          • Check Show online payments if you want Billminder to display your upcoming online payments.
          • Check Show investment reminders if you want Billminder to display your investment reminders.
          • Check Show calendar notes if you want Billminder to display calendar notes.
      3. Click OK. 
      • Ah, yes, that Billminder, haven't used that in ages, totally forgot about it.