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Upgrade to quicken 2013?

I have Quicken Deluxe 2011 R8 [] and got a pop-up about Quicken 2013, which I declined.
Do I really need to upgrade to Quicken Deluxe 2013 at this time or can I continue to use my Quicken Deluxe 2011?
Or would it be better to upgrade to 2012?
I am confused at the moment as to what I should do.
Thank you.
  • Well if you download transactions then 2011 will sunset 2 years before 2013.  And 2013 now has a mobile app component available but they are still fine tuning that.
  • Forgot to ask if newer versions will "simply" over-write older versions and carry-over all statisticks, accounts, etc.?
  • Don''t know what you mean by "download" transactions. I just enter my own accounts and transactions. Don't know what you mean by "sunset 2 years before 2013." Will I not be able to continue to use my 2011?
  • Downloading means updating the transactions from the bank instead of manually entering the transactions.  Sunsetting means you only get to download transactions or do any online services for 3 years.  Like last April they turned off version 2009 from being able to do any online stuff.  Yes you can still use 2011 manually.  I still am using 2004.

    Yes if you buy a new version it will first uninstall the prior program.  It won't touch your data.   You then just open your data file in the new version and it will convert it automatically.
  • Thank you.
  • I think it is worth noting that if you upgrade to to 2013, it will:
    1. back your data in its present form
    2. uninstall your old version
    3. install q 2013
    4. convert your data to a new format

    So it would appear you are "stuck" with the new version. You can re-install the old version; 2 versions of quicken can co-exist on the same machine though there are some quirks and side effects. I've never really done it. You can of course take your old data and old quicken to a different computer (I've used the XP virtual machine in Windows 7 Pro), and install it. Then there will be no conflict.

    More importantly, let's say you install 2013 and get even a couple of weeks of data into it (assuming you use it heavily like I do), it's going to be a real pain to back-port all that data into the old version. Pretty soon youll be locked in.

    Or you could try to do everything in parallel in both, but the bank downloading might get confused...
  • If you're satisfied with current version, you can continue using it. No need to upgrade. Remember that Quicken will be sunsetted after 3 years, meaning your version will not able to download online transactions from your banks starting 2014, I guess. I started using Quicken since 2009 where every year when Intuit release new version, I will upgrade. In fact, 2-3 months before they announce their new version, I started to feel uneasy with the current version. I always search for something new in every new version, at least I hope that new features will be introduced every time. However, I believe that if ain't broken, don't fix it. Sometimes, and most of the times previously, every new release and every new patch will overcome some problems and raised another problem. This is what happen to Intuit. But as a programmer myself, to satisfy every needs of every person is something that's hard to do. That's why I always upgraded and learn to use this software to the maximum. So far, I'm using Quicken 2013 with no problem although there's not much changes or significant improvement to this version compared to Q2012. So, if you found no problem in your current Deluxe 2011, continue using it. But if want to try new experience in 2013, you can try. It always my opinion.
  • You could back up the old data onto a disk or thumb drive or into a zip file. As for transfering from one version to another, you can (at least in the version I have) highlight several rows, hit "Control-C" to copy, and paste (Control-V) into an Excel file. I have done that to make it easier to figure out why something didn't balance, so I could look at both accounts at the same time.

    It's harder to transfer transactions back in from a spreadsheet. I've only been able to copy one field at a time. Still, it beats typing in every character, and repeating items will act just like they do in any other Quicken file. For instance, if you have it set up to memorize transactions, it will remember that "Sam's Grocery" is for food and "Tom's Filling Station" is for gas.
  • you do not need to upgrade for 1 more year.   If you are happy with Budgets and loans in 2011 then you may not like 2013.  I would read the review of Q2013 on Amazon first.
  • Avoid 2013 like the plague until Intuit cleans up the mess they created.  Right now my copy of 2013 R8 is locked up solid & not responding.  Windows task manager says it is running; it must be talking to itself 'cause it isn't talking to me!  I'm afraid I'm going to have to kill the process to get control of it, and am not sure if the data file will survive.  I was in the middle of reconciling an account when it locked up.  This is the latest in a series of issues.
  • is there any coupon or discount if you upgrade from earlier to '13? I don't see anything on their website.
  • Places like Amazon and Staples are running sales with $10 off.. NOT that I am recommending it.   Also you may get a popup if you are running an older version for a discount.
I upgraded from 2012 to 2103, and just now found out that they eliminated the function that I used to use to pay and track my mortgage. It's not a bug, it's a decision they made, from what I was told in the forum. I am truly sorry that I wasted my money.
  • I believe I read that the problem was that now you can download your mortgage history (though few FI's seem to support this) and that conflicted with the automatic calculations. Also,  you could get it to work as before; you just had to "look in different places" in the software."

    John Pollard's name comes to mind as explaining some of this but I could be wrong.

    I haven't looked into it because there are too many other reasons why I can't put Q13 into "productcion" it is sitting on my test system right now.

LOL all ready release R10
    Reply to JimN262 
    You said " So it would appear you are "stuck" with the new version."
    Why would you mention I be stuck with the new version? Because I might want to uninstall it because I didn't like it and that would be hard to do? Uninstall it, I mean. And so once it is installed (2013) and I didn't like it, etc., I would not be able to uninstall it and continue to use the 2011 I currently have?
    I'm new at this so forgive the many questions. I just would not want to "lose" all the data I have (on the 2011). I've been using Quicken for so many, many years and have upgraded to new version every few years or so and just wondered if I had to keep doing that every few years or, as I said, stay with the 2011 for a few more years.
    Thanks everyone for your input.
    • The reason folks look at it as a 'stuck' situation is because transactions you may have entered using the QW2013 program will need to be re-enetered if you revert back to the QW2011 (or any other prior) version.  There is nothing technical preventing you from uninstalling the newer QW2013 version and re-installing the older QW2011 version.  It is simply that the work you have done in the interim will need to be redone.  

      In all the upgrades I have been through with Quicken over the past 20 years, I have never run into a deal-breaker that led me to revert to an older version.  I will add however that my general aversion to change leads to to only upgrade every two or three years, and usually only after the newest Quicken has been on the market for 3 to  6 months such tht the major bug revisions have been released.

      If for some reason you do revert to re-install QW2011, be sure that it gets updated to its latest (last) release (R8).
    I learned this the hard way last year. DON'T upgrade untill you have to then wait untill about July of the version year to install it. By that time most of the bugs have been worked out and you will not have to be one of the customers that spend hours fixing the problems that qken created. Uninstall your old version 1st, clean registry of qken items.
    BTW there have been no serious improvements in any version that  I have seen in the past 10 years. They just force you to buy new versions every 3 years to continue to web downloads from your accounts. They still cant handle stock splits mergers and similar items. The basics haven't changed and I doubt that they will do any actual improvements except for cosmetics.
    • Not only is it unnecessary to wait until July, it's not possible, for those whose product is being sunsetted and who want to continue downloading.

      It is rare, to the point of almost never happening, that the final patch for a version has not been released by March. My bet is waiting until March is sufficient.

      And the significance of the improvements depend on the user: what one user thinks of as a bell or whistle, another user believes to be a vital feature.. Virtually all the modifications that get made, are made to satisfy user requests.

      Given that there is a 60 day money back guarantee; there is no reason not to buy and try (by April at the latest).

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