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How can I transfer Quicken software from one PC to another PC?

My old PC died and I have a new one.  Can I transfer Quicken to my new laptop?  The version of Quicken that I am using is several years old.
    Do you still have the cd?  What version is it?  Windows or Mac?

    Moving Quicken Data Files Between Computers


    You will need the original software CD or the downloaded program file. If you don't have the download, you should be able to go back to where you got it and redownload it. If you have lost the CD, you are out of luck, they won't give you another.

    Once you have the above, just install it on the new computer making sure that your anti-virus and firewall software are disabled for the install and then go online and get the latest release for your version of Quicken at:

    Once installed, do a backup of the data on the old computer and then a restore on the new computer. Use a flash drive or thumbdrive or burn it to a cd or dvd.  Which is a good thing to do anyway for backup.

    The EULA says it can be installed on up to three computers in the same household.
      CMCS ..........  one of the first things you need to consider is whether that old version of Quicken you have is a version that is compatible / works without issue with the operating system (Windows 7?) on your new laptop.  I suggest you purchase a newer Quicken version that is supported by Intuit and is known to be compatible with your new operating system.  And yes, your data files from your old Quicken can be used  with a newer version of Quicken.  Once Quicken is installed on your new laptop, using a backup of the Quicken data from your old computer, do a restore of the old version data to the Quicken version on the new laptop. Use a flash drive or thumb drive to move the old Quicken data files to your new laptop.  

      Why update to a newer version of Quicken..

      Reality is using old financial software is very foolish at best, especially if you use One Step Update. Your $, your bank accounts, are a top priority and need to be accessed and dealt with in a secure fashion, etc.. Usually, with each new version of Quicken, in some way shape or form banking security is enhanced immensely. It may not be a visible thing that you see with your eyes when using Quicken but Intuit, your financial institution(s) and the financial institutions working together are constantly improving security, increasing access speed, functionality and more. No one has to tell me to upgrade Quicken / force me to upgrade Quicken at least every 3 years as it would be nonsensical, $ foolish of me not to do so.. The few $ to upgrade Quicken (new version) is cheap insurance and more in regard to maintaining my financial security lets call it.

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