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2013 Change my Category Groups?

I use Category Groups for my budgeting and reporting.  I recently upgraded to Quicken 2013 and now some of my Categories are appearing in the default Personal Expenses group in the Budget and in my budget reports.  I checked the Category Group assignments and they are assigned appropriately, so I can't figure out how to correct this.   Any ideas?
  • YES!  I have the same problem.  Specifically, in my case, it impacts "Transfers" that I had categorized in Category Groups.  For example, any payment "To GMAC Mortgage" was classified as Category Group "2-Mortgage & Property Taxes".  Payments to my 529 accounts were classified as "4-Savings Goals" Category Group.  Like you, when I show my budget and when I generate my reports, these transfers appear under "Personal Expenses" and not the appropriate category groups to which I assigned them.  I did go back in and check the assignments, and they are indeed correct.  I even unchecked them....logged out....rechecked them...but it did not fix the problem.  This is a big miss.  (I am actually shocked at how many bugs I am seeing in here for Q13.  Wish I had read these posts before upgrading - it has proven to be a huge mistake).
As a general rule a file validate will clear up issues like this.  File > File Operations > Validate and repair check Validate file and click OK.  See if that puts things in order.
  • I have the same problem. I cannot change Personal Income to Business Income because the Set Up Category {Group}  pull down does not include it.  When I try to change the [Group], it does not function. Multiple validations of Q13R9 do not clear up the problem.

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