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in 2012 how do I manually enter actual expenses in categories next to the budgeted expenses in categories without linking my bank accounts online to quicken?

In previous Quicken editions there was only a column for the budgeted amount, I would like to take advantage of the actual expense monthly column for year over year comparisons, but cannot figure out how to manually put totals in for such categories as utilities which vary from month to month. I can manually adjust monthly budgeted amounts by using the advanced budget setup view.
    The "actual amounts" in all budgets come from the transactions in your accounts.  If you put in a transactions for $100 and select a category of clothing then that is going to show up of that month, against clothing.

    The amounts you change in the Advanced Budget are for setting up the budget, not for entering what you spent.  That was true of the budgets in the other versions of Quicken too.

    As for setting up a budget for things that vary.  Well that is pretty much up to you.  You can try to budget different amounts using "Specific", or you can just select to put in an average and know that some months you might a bit over, but they it will work out by another month where you spent less.

    When in the Budget screen with graphs you can set the time period to year to date, and see if that averaging is really working.

    Also you mention year over year spending.  Well budgets are only for 12 months, so I don't think you can really compare them short of just printing out different reports for different years and looking at them.
    • I understand what you are saying about the actual column in the budget view being new, what I cannot do is figure out how to manually put in a number when the actual cost is different than the budgeted cost in the actual cost column. If I don't link my bank accounts online, then how do I, for example, manually enter that my March cable TV bill was $120 rather than a budgeted $110.? The budget I brought over from an earlier version of Quicken has categories for television, utilities, etc. but I cannot enter  transactions manually or even find these categories. Yet when I try to add "mortgage" as a new category it tells me it already exists.

      In the spending view, I just get an answer that I have no transactions in the last 30 day, year, or whatever I have set it to.  It will not allow me to enter transactions manually for monthly bills.

      Thanks for your time.
    It doesn't matter if your transactions are downloaded or you put them in manually, they are always the basis for the "actual" in the graphs/reports.  There is no spot to put in anything manually, and never was.  If you go to the budgets in the past version of Quicken you can change the budget amounts (as you can do in Quicken 2012), but the actual values in the graphs are just the totals in a given category.  As in if I have a Clothing category with a budget of $50 a month set up.

    I put in a transaction of $25 in my Credit card account and give it a category or Clothing.  I put in a transaction for $35 in my checking account and give it a category of Clothing.

    Now I look at the report for this month I should see the "actual" of $60 and the budget of $50, so I spent $10 too much.

    So the bottom line is to affect/change the "actual" in the graphs/reports you have to change your transactions.

    Now with that said there are bugs in the current Quicken 2012 budget system (at least the new month graph system that replaced the "Spending Planner").  If your category is attached to a tax line, or if your category is a transfer to a liability account these graphs will not show it.  On the other hand if you go to the budget reports, they will show it.

    See this thread for that discussion:
    • Based on your comments/concerns, my recommendation is for you to move to Quicken 2011 and not to upgrade to Quicken 2012.

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