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Using Quicken 2013, will it work under Windows 8 that is to come out on the 26 of October 2012. I like to use the new windows 8, but understand it may not work under it for Quicken 2013 system

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  • No
I Installed Windows 8 on Sunday 10/28 (upgraded from Win 7) and have experienced no issues with my version of Quicken (Premier 2010).
    I installed Windows 8 Pro and Quicken 2013 Premier.  Quicken will not work in Windows 8. Installed just fine in Windows 7.
    • No problem with Quicken 2013 Delux under Windows 8 Pro.
    • I have the same issue.  It works in 7 but not 8......
    • I uninstalled and reinstalled Quicken 2011 and it works fine now
    Seems everyone has a different experience. So I'll add mine<g>. This was a clean install of Win 8 Pro followed by a new installation of Quicken 2013 Premier. Quicken 2013 Premier works here on Win 8 Pro, except that:
    1. The Quicken PDF printer does not work (likely the same problem as with Quickbooks on Win 8, as both use the dreadful Amyuni PDF printer).
    2. If I open the Start Screen or switch to a MUI ("Modern User Interface") app while Quicken is running, Quicken hangs, and has to be terminated and relaunched. My Quicken file is on a remote machine (used to be unsupported, now supported, but Intuit's terrible implementation makes it very slow). Untested speculation: Hosting the file remotely could be the cause, and if so, it would not affect those who store their Quicken files on the local computer.
    • A QDF on another machine is still not supported (I would love to see where you were told it is supported, we SuperUsers have surely not been told this).  (Even though for the record I have mine on a Linux/NAS, but I'm also a network expert).
      On my Gig network the performance is basically the same as on a local hard drive.  If you want to corrupt your data file a wireless network is a good way to start, and not knowing what you are doing is the way to finish the job.

      I use to have my QDF file on a much slower (low power network) and it worked fine if a bit more slowly.
      My 143 MB QDF file (about 1/2 is attachments, and dates back to 1996) loads in 6.5 seconds.
      On my old NAS it was about 15 to 20 seconds.
    My experience.  No problems whatsoever.
    PDF printer works fine.
    No hanging or such going to Start or Screen and such.
    Run on three different machines. 
    One machine is a laptop, dual core 1.6 GHZ Intel, that is several years old.
    Another was my old desktop computer (that became the "new NAS, as in Linux for the only purpose to server up files), it is about 5 years old AMD dual core 6000 (3 GHZ).
    My current new machine quad core A10 5800K.

    If Quicken is hanging for you with you running with the QDF on another machine the most likely cause is a network problem.
    Quicken accesses that data file constantly and it will hang if it can't access it.
      BTW for the record I never do OS "upgrades" only new installs, too many problems are caused by "upgrades".

      And certainly if you have upgraded and then just started using Quicken that is a recipe for problems.  You should at least do a clean uninstall and reinstall Quicken to give it a fighting chance of working.

      • I installed brand new Quicken 2013 on a brand new laptop running Windows 8.  It started crashing every time I hit return within the application (Error code 6930).  I went through with Intuit Support the clean uninstall and reinstall.  It worked for about 5 minutes and now it is crashing all over again.  I do have a wireless network but what does that have to do with a standalone app? I am not doing anything explicitly over the network. Is this just plainly that Windows 8 does not support Quicken?
      • Having a wireless connection isn't a problem as long as you are not trying to access the Quicken data file over it (as long as the data file is on a local hard drive).
        I searched Quicken support site for 6930 and didn't get anything so that didn't help.
        I'm not sure why it would be crashing on your machine.
      • The support person said it was a registry error caused by the installation and she assured me that the problem was permanently solved.  Oh well.  I guess if Quicken doesn't work in Windows 8,  I will have to seek an alternative.
      I have used Quicken with various Windows versions for the past 10 or so years.  Was using Quicken 2011 with Windows Vista with no problems.  I installed Windows 8 Pro in January, 2013.  Quicken 2011 seemed to fail randomly with no reason.  Purchased Quicken 13 in March and it seemed to correct problem - for a month!  Now Quicken 13 fails randomly causing me much frustration.  Had no problems until I upgraded?? to Windows 8.
        If you look on the System Requirements page of this article:
        you will not see Windows 8 listed as a supported OS.
        I know during beta testing, that there were a couple of users using Windows 8 and I don't remember them having problems, but that is no guarantee for the rest of the user population.
        If at all possible, I would test Quicken on Windows 8 before taking the step permanently.
          For PCs, be sure to buy Windows 8 Pro, not Windows 8 RT.
          People seem to be confusing these two versions.

          With Pro you should not have any problems running anything that works today on Windows 7.
          • Quicken 2013 Premier will not work with Windows 8 Pro

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