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How do I import tranactions from

    I have never tried to do as you desire but do know that at MINT ( you can download your transactions to a csv file.
    With a software tool you could take the csv file and put it in a format that could be used to transfer the transactions to Quicken.
      Here is a link to a software tool as I mention.
      I wrote ImportQIF, which Bill has pointed you to.

      I would like to mention that because there is no way to get your transactions entered into Quicken into Mint this is not a "sync" it is a one way transfer of transactions from Mint to Quicken.  Also Mint export to a CSV file has no time range on it, so it is not really good for an on going download either.  So the best use would be for a one time dump from Mint to Quicken.  Or I know one person that basically used as a remote input.  He put transactions into Mint during a vacation and downloaded them into Quicken after the trip.

      There is more information and example of downloading from Mint on the website and in this thread:

      Thanks Bill,

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