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Quicken for Mac 2007 and Mountain Lion

Is Quicken for Mac 2007 with Lion upgrade compatible with Mountain Lion?
  • Many people would like to know the answer to this question.  Someone from Intuit should respond.
  • Some Quicken 2007 user who installs Mountain Lion tomorrow will hopefully post their results here. Actually that  might be me!
  • Quicken for Mac 2007 Lion Compatible seems to be running fine under Mountain Lion. All my account totals match and Quick Reports still works. I don't use Bill Pay in Quicken so i can't comment on that. The only bad thing was the ML download time but that's not a Quicken problem.
  • And Intuit can't be bothered to answer this?  Wow.  Not exactly encouraging.
  • I think it comes down to this.

    If a user pops in here and says "I works for me" and it doesn't work the the next person because they use it differently or something like that, they say, "well that's too bad".  But they would not be as kind to Intuit.  So Intuit has to run their full tests and such and not report things before they are sure they have tested everything.

    Now when do the official testing start?  When they get the official release, which is today.  There is no way they are going to have everything tested and such and be willing to make an official announcement in a day.

    The fact is that unlike Lion, Mountain Lion doesn't seem to have done anything that should break Quicken, so it should work.  If you are in such a hurry go ahead and do it, but don't come back here and complain because you can't wait.
  • The official testing should not start the day of an OS release. Like all major software developers, Intuit has had prerelease versions of Mountain Lion for months, for the very purpose of writing compatible software. Many other companies issued compatible software weeks ago. But I suspect you're right, in that Mountain Lion does not seem to be so radically different that it should break Quicken. It would be nice, however, for Intuit to so say something to that effect.
  • Quicken 2007 with Mountain Lion support has just been issued. Launching the application should automatically offer the upgrade option.
  • And that is pretty much how Intuit works.  When they are ready they release the software.
    They don't like to per-announce (probably a lawyer thing).

    And they are not going to go to every thread in every forum and announce it.
  • i had quicken 2006 installed on my iMac and when i downloaded mountain lion, there's a line through it on my dock and it says that it can't be opened because  'Power PC applications are no longer supported.  i don't want to lose all my data, so what do I do?  any ideas??
  • yaya5.

    You would need to get the "Lion" version (non PPC) of 2007 or Quicken Essentials. Here is the link for the 2007 version. (a link to Essentials is also in there)
  • i downloaded the 2007 version, but i still can't access my files from 2006.  am i doomed?  i downloaded ML before i realized that quicken 2006 would not work.  help?
  • If your files are indeed 2006, you should be able to import them. Have you tried opening them with 2007? Do you get errors?

    The upgrade to ML doesn't do anything to your data files. It was the removal of support for older PowerPC applications in Lion (and also ML) that put an axe in the older versions.
  • Basically - starting with Lion, Apple dropped Rosetta, which was an app that allowed power pc processor based programs to work with intel based operation systems.  As to, why, that is a whole other question, as I'm fairly sure Apple 'could have' written new code for Rosetta.  

    I have been using Quicken (for mac) since the mid '90s (if memory serves) and I didn't upgrade to Lion until they came out with Version 16.1.2

    Today - actually after this post, I'm gonna try Mountain Lion, as it seems users are not having problems with Q 2007 !!

  • I upgraded my Quicken 2007 when it became available.   I was using OS X Lion when I did so.   I recently upgraded my OS to Mountain Lion (10.8).   It is usable but I seem to be having some minor compatibility issues.    There are clear issues with Quicken such as garbled characters in the number value boxes when I am entering amounts and I also get a crash from time to time.   It would be nice to know if Intuit is aware of these issues and if they are in fact in the process of addressing them.   Thanks!

  • Ramjetz,

    Read the other threads, and turn off the automatic decimal placement option.
  • I tried to use it when I upgraded  from Snow Leopard to Mountain Lion.  1 small, and one BIG problem.  The small one is that every time I open ANY file, even a brand new just created one, Quicken tells me that there is corrupted data in the file.  I can bypass this warning, but it is annoying.  The big one is that EVERY time I open my data file that I have used for years on Snow Leopard, I have to rebuild the account indexes or the transactions and account balances make no sense at all.  I spent a few hours on the phone with Intuit to no avail, and eventually, they refunded my money.  The believe this is a bug in the current version of quicken.  Claimed it would be fixed "soon", but they have not changed the version of quicken since then.  I notified them when Mountain Lion first came out.
  • They gave you an incorrect response and set an incorrect expectation.  There is no "known issue" with the Lion Compatible Quicken Mac 2007 (v. 16.1.2) product that results in an invalid/incorrect "corrupted data" messaging.  

    There were several defects in the Rosetta-dependent version that were forced into the glaring light of day when that dependency was removed in order to allow this 6-year-old program to run without Rosetta.  Those old defects had lingered for many versions prior to 2007, in some instances, and resulted in damage to the file - mostly in the attendant files, like the Price Histories file (QPH). Those data defects have since been resolved in the LC version through the latest updates (v. 16.1.1 followed by 16.1.2).

    Without starting over from scratch, the most common solution is to strip out the damaged part(s) and rebuild the remaining data.  For QPH, this means deleting the Quotes file from the Package Contents of the Quicken Data File (QDFM) on the system, Empty the Trash, then rebuild the Prices from the Portfolio (Command + Option + U); go Online > Update Historical Prices to complete the process.

    If that didn't solve the problem, and you've already tried the Reindexing of the QDFM (Command + Option + B on the Account List), see for getting your data into a file that doesn't have the corruption in the structure of the file.
  • Thank you Tamara, but here is the problem.  When I create a brand new, empty file with no data, I still get the error that the file has corrupted data.  How can that be with a brand new file created by quicken 7, lion compatable?  

    Also, if you delete all of the quote data from my original file, and then update historical prices, won't any purchases, reinvestments, etc that are already entered into a register and  that are more than 5 years be won't your account totals still be off.

    Thanks in advance
  • Problem 1 (still occurs with new, empty file) - where are you saving the QDFM when you create it? If it's not in your Documents location on the local HD, you may be inadvertently triggering incorrect messaging.

    Problem 2 (deleting price history) - the nice thing about QMac is that it typically rebuilds the older price history from your transactions, not just from Quotes.  There have been occasions when this didn't happen, due to extensive damage in the data fork.  That's why we prefer the exporting of the QIF and importing it into a new QDFM.
  • I have the same problem, error message when creating an empty new file. Still in OS10.6.8 since I have never succeeded in sporadic attempts over the last 8 months using version 16.1.2 to convert my 16.0.2 files. Most recently tried to open Quicken for lion with control+option keys so it doesn't open an existing file, create a new file "Lion quicken Data.qfm" to save in Documents folder and get an immediate error message about a corrupted file as soon as I click the create button.
  • Tamara, among the problems I'm having with corrupted data are that Quicken Mac Lion refuses to import more than 30 split lines per transaction, even though it happily creates and uses and exports the same.  What's the fix, besides manually re-entering every line over 30 into a new transaction?
  • You will have to install Quicken Mac 2007 OS X Lion
  • Thank you Tamara! You are the "face" of Intuit here, and I greatly appreciate all your help, esp. with the OL-249 Discovercard solution. I am also very happy that Intuit has chosen to keep updating Quicken 2007. I wish Quicken Essentials were a decent product (sigh). Quicken 2007 does everything I need it to do and more, with great reports, etc.  Please don't let them stop supporting it!  Thanks!
  • Tamara last posted on this thread 7 months ago.  And I've gotten zero help on my problem in 3 months.  That's indicative of Intuit's attitude toward its product, and a reason I quit using it and switched to something with actual support.
  • dboulduc: This question was about whether 2007-LC works with 10.8. Unfortunately, Tamara can't keep the thread alive answering every other off topic question that gets asked.

    I am sorry you had a corrupted .qdfm and had to resort to .qif as the fix. The .qif was an unsupported format that was mercilessly abused into roles that it was never intended. Some flavors of Quicken had the 30 split line limitation, others did not. NWJ noted about older versions of QWin having this issue. You don't see this when working in Quicken, as it isn't using the quicken interchange format (.qif) for day to day use.

    I am sorry about your data file issues, but I do wish to come to Tamara's defense here. Intuit aside, she is one worker who posts 24/7. It is obvious she is taking her personal time to address issues, and I know the many users have benefited from her fervent work ethic.
  • I have been a quicken user for 15+ yrs and a Mac user since the development in the early 80's.   I have 15 or so years of quicken data.   I take no personal issue with Tamara or anyone else on a personal level.   My long standing issue is the blatant overall lack of support for the product on the mac side and the lack of dissemination of truly relevant UPDATE data for those of us using this product over a lifetime.   We are stuck and held by the ying yang so to speak.  We are using a retro-fit product from 5 years ago.   When I first received notice by email that a gentleman had taken over the mac development task (some many months ago), I was encouraged.   I do use quicken on the latest version of OS X Lion and have received some bug fix updates but the true commitment to the mac platform is not readily evident to me and I expected more.   Unfortunately, given 15 yrs of files and really no other acceptable solution to me, I feel I am stuck out of necessity.    Certainly I stay but not out of respect, excitement over the product, or loyalty.   I keep hoping to see a change in the future.
  • John, a few things:

    - Not just Tamara, but apparently no one at Quicken can answer the question I asked.  Not on the boards, not online, not in email, not by phone.  The bottom line is that the Mac version corrupts its data files, then can't import the very same export files it creates.  And Intuit can't or won't do squat about it other than suggest rebooting (huh????) and re-entering all your data.  So, if, like me, you have data files back to 1998, you're just ... screwed when this happens.  And this is after their failures on the stock price and transaction corruption issues they've had.  

    Anyway, like I said, I'm done with it.  Went to another product whose support is VASTLY better.
I found the solution to my problem of having 16.1.2 giving me a corrupt data error message when I tried to  create a new file with no data. Finally looked at the package contents and found a Quotes file with a 2003 creation data. Deleting the Quotes file did not solve the problem but  when I searched my hard drive for a Quotes file I found one lurking in Quicken Conversion Data  folder in my Shared folder apparently remaining from an ancient Quicken upgrade. Deleting the Quotes file allowed me to create a new file with 16.1.2 with no error and to subsequently import a QIF file exported from 16.0.2.
    Tamara, thank you for your posting.  I've spent an incredible amount of time this afternoon trying to find the answer to the question "Is Quicken for Mac 2007 for Lion compatible with Mountain Lion?" (very frustrating!).  I will be purchasing Apple's new 27" iMac around the end of December to replace my old PowerPC Mac and was thinking of purchasing a copy of this software if it worked under Mountain Lion.  

    You would think that Quicken would have updated their "Quicken Mac 2007 OS X Lion compatible" web page by now!  But I found absolutely nothing on the web site regarding this question.  Think I'll hold off on purchasing it until after I've got my new Mac... maybe by then Intuit will have updated their web site with some definitive statements or information regarding compatibility with Mountain Lion.
      I have a seemingly small issue that has cropped up since I upgraded to Mountain Lion.  In the Budget Set-up window, the "View" drop-down menu is no longer shown.  This means that the only view for a new budget is the default, which is "Monthly Average".  Unfortunately, I need the yearly total.  Existing budgets retain the view they were created in, which in my case is the yearly total.

      The Q2007/Lion User Guide states that this drop-down should be there.

      Am I alone in noticing this?
      • If, in the Budget Setup window, you click in the right-hand side of the budget name window, the View dropdown becomes visible and you can select from it as expected.  Every time you cause the window to be redrawn, the View dropdown disappears, and you have to get it back again.  Still a bug (and I think unique to Mountain Lion), but at least there is a workaround.

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