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Upgrading from QW1999 to QW2011.

Running Quicken 99 on Windows XP - upgraded new Desktop with Windows 7 64-bit. Can 99 be loaded successfully? If I upgrade to Quicken 2011 how do I collect my 10 years worth of info from backup from an external hard drive?

    I have Q99 working just fine (without the embedded Help files) on Windows 7 - 64 bit.

    For installing Q99 on Windows 7 (including 64 bit), here's what worked for me:

    1. Copy the contents of the installation CD to the new computer's hard drive, without installing.

    2. Locate the SETUP.EXE file; mine was in the DISK1 folder.

    3. Right click on the setup file, click Properties, click Compatibility tab.

    4. Under compatibility tab, check mark "Run this program in compatibility mode for" and select Windows XP SP 3.

    5. Under Privilege Level, check mark "Run this program as an administrator".

    6. Click Apply and then click ok.

    7. Double click on the SETUP.EXE file and the program will install just like on XP.

    8. After installation is complete, go to the list of Programs under the Win7 Start menu, and right click the Quicken program icon.

    9. Under Properties/Compatibility/Settings, click on "Disable desktop composition". This doesn't affect how the program runs, but how it looks on screen.

    10. If you start Quicken at this point (to see if it actually works), cancel out of the startup interview that it will try to perform. It's not necessary when restoring your old files. Close the Quicken program.

    11. Copy your most recent Q99 backup file set to the harddrive location on the new computer where you want your Quicken data to reside.  Put all files in the set into a dedicated Quicken folder.

    12. Find the backup file with the .QDF extension and double-click it. Quicken will open it.

    13. From this point on, open Quicken as you normally would from the Start menu or a desktop shortcut.

    Everything works just like on my previous XP and Win98 computers, except the embedded Help files.
    • I also upgraded to a new laptop with windows 2007 and uploaded my quicken 99 software and was able to find a patch so I am able to use the help files as well but I cannot get it to print.  Herbertnerd were you able to print the check register or any reports etc?
    • I haven't tried printing the check register since I don't use Quicken for tracking spending.  But I have printed  investment registers and reports without any problems.
    • Great suggestions.  Thanks for the info.
    • The compatibility mode was no help on my new PC running Win 7Home Premium 64 bit.
    • Q98user,

      While I use Q99 on Win7-64, I believe Q98 had both 16-bit and 32-bit versions.

      I expect the 32-bit version would install as described above, but from what I've read it's just not possible to run 16-bit software on Win7-64.
    • Quicken Version 6 here!  Installed 'straight' in Win7 Pro, Quick-Tabs & icons are missing, but appear & open when you click on their usual position.  Uninstalled; added XP Mode; installed 6 in that virtual OS.  Everything shows up, BUT active Quick Tab always is named "Register," and closing any QT makes it disappear forever.  I want MORE, not fewer QT's.  Any ideas?
    • I followed herbertnerd's instructions using the 32-bit version from my Q98 disk (one of the filenames was _inst32I.EX_, as opposed to _inst16.EX_ in a different folder) but got the message:

      The version of this file is not compatible with the version of Windows you are running.  Check your compuyter's system information to see whether you need an x86(32bit) or x64(64bit) version of the program, and then contact the software publisher.

      Any thoughts on this?

      Has anyone been able to successfully install from Q98 on W7?
    You will need to update.  To get to Q2011 you will need an intermediate version available here
      Rick38 ....  Try this but understand you have to understand Intuit does not recommend or encourage any version older then Quicken 2010 to be run on Win 7:

      Quicken 98 or 99 will work natively under Win7 64-bit: The install CD of Quicken '98 or '99 contains both 16-bit and 32-bit installers separately, in folders "Win31" and "Win95". What works is to navigate to the "Win95" folder, and run as administrator the "setup.exe" found in that folder. Again, Quicken '98 or '99 runs under Win 7 and really functions quite well at that.  It has been sometime since I did this particular set-up but, yes, I have done it. There is no guarantee you will not have an occasional lets call all it hiccup (you will have them) running these older versions of Quicken on Win 7.

      Please comment here on your success or failure with this set-up.
      • Bill - The file you mentioned in the Win95 folder is exactly the one I used and tried to run as administrator but it doesn't work.  I just tried it again and I keep getting the same message I posted before.
      • Rick38 ............. It has been well over a year since I did that set-up on Win 7.  I don't remember specifics but the gist of it was mentioned in my last post here.  It worked for me. No, I am not going to go back and try again as I just don't have the tinkering time these days.  Sorry, I just don't remember the specifics of that particular install.. I tinker lots so that is just one adventure.
      • Thanks Bill.  Maybe I'll try tinkering a little and see if I can stumble onto it, but not too much so I'll probably just buy Quicken 2012.
      • BTW on the help files.  Most likely you can't display them is because you need this:

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