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2013 Budget and Budget Reports

I just upgraded from 2011 to 2013 and am having fits with the budgeting function.  First, there are categories for which I have budgeted amounts and which I checked to show as visible, but they are not showing up in the budget screen or budget reports anywhere.  It seems like the category doesn't exist even when I check it to be visible.

Second is the budget reports.  I have budgets for transfers, but despite changing every setting I know, I cannot get the transfer categories to show in the reports.  I have had to resort to putting everything into an Excel spreadsheet to get an accurate report.

When you spend $100 for a product, it should make your life easier, not harder.  Anyone have any similar issues or solutions?
  • Same issues here. My income expense report that compares to budget no longer works. I cannot even recreate the report in the format that shows each category, the details and then subtotals it.
  • I am also having this problem.  It sucks to spend money and time to upgrade and now you lose key functionality in the software.
  • Same problem.  Very frustrating.  Makes the budgeting part of the program useless.  Hope they fix this soon.
  • I too have been fighting the budget function for the last week or two. It is impossible for me to create a 2013 budget at this time because December 2012 has not yet expired and apparently you can't create a budget in for 2013 having a December until this month is over. This is nonsense. Not at all like the previous budget functions.

    I found it difficulty to modify the budget for past months as well.

    And you can't print off the budget like you used to do.

  • Just hit arrow on right of 2012 and it goes to 2013 and U set up ur budget.  U get two choices as i remember of how U want to set it up.
  • Appears that this is fixed!  Updates 9 and 10 seem to have made budgeting work properly.
  • Once 2013 appears, by hitting the "arrow on right of 2012", how do you get rid of it, so you can re-create the Budget for 2013?
  • I tried the following process, but that did NOT work.  @##%$

    Set the "arrow on right" to "2013".  Then, use "Budget Actions -> Create new budget" (i.e., "Budget 2013") to link a new budget to year 2013.  Then, making sure you have both the newly created budget (i.e., "Budget 2013") AND year 2013 showing, using the Annual View, Delete the newly created budget (i.e., "Budget 2013").
  • I just installed Deluxe 2013 and struggled for hours with the new budgeting tools without success. Quicken chat help and email help were no help either. They never answered my questions. I don't think they actually read my questions. First, my organization uses a quarterly budget, not a monthly one. Quicken has removed this functionality in 2013. Why??? Second, you can't create a blank budget in which you can fill in your new numbers for the new year. When you "Create a Budget," you get a budget with numbers already filled in, and you have to manually delete every one of them one at a time before you can start your new budget. Third, only a few categories are checked, and you have to manually click all the categories one at a time. There's no "select all" button. Third, reports are completely messed up. I have been using Quicken for more than 10 years, so am not exactly a newbie, but Quicken 2013 is a mess, at least as far as budgeting is concerned. My only solution has been to uninstall 2013 and reinstall 2011, which works fine. I'm sorry I spent good money on this. I'd advise everyone to stay away from Quicken 2013. Maybe they will restore former functionality in 2014. (Also, if they actually cared about their customers, they'd have support staff that actually provided support. Whatever they are paying the people they have is a waste of money.)
The new reports (I upgraded from 2011 to 2013) are abysmal. My long-used tried-and-true Saved Reports no longer work. Can't seem to get sub-totals in categories, and have yet to find a workable "Actual to Budget" report.

I've been using Quicken since version 4.0 in 1995.

I'm extremely disappointed. This is hardly an "upgrade experience" which will encourage people to upgrade each year.
    Taking what you said literally, making a category "visible" does not get them into the budget.

    You have to open the "Select Categories to Budget" link at the bottom of the Planning screen.  When the pop up comes on screen you choose a group on the left of it and place check marks by the categories in that group that you want on the budget.  Go through all the groups and select items you want and end by Clicking OK.

    Now on the Graph View or the Annual Vuew you can enter the amount of money you want to budget for each category and then pull the Current Budget Report and they will show up.

    If the above procedure is what you have already done, and you are having the problem, then most of the errors I have had in this area are cleared up when I Validate the file.  File > File Operations > Validate File and check Validate File.  I never get any errors in the report, but my budget errors are cleared up.
    • That cleared up the budget problem, but I am still having problems with the report itself.  Cannot get the transfer categories to show on the report, but the amounts seem to be in the total.  Tried all combinations of settings in the report customization to no avail.
    Version 9 has fixed the sub-category issue. If you do not have version 9, I suggest upgrading.
    • Thanks, I'll give it a try.  It's difficult to know what is broken and what is working as designed.
    • How do you upgrade to Version 9 if you are on Q2013 H&B Canada?  There's no option to upgrade!!
    • And it's unlikely there is, or ever will be, a release 9 for Canada.

      Canada is not on the same release schedule as the U.S. Canada generally gets fewer releases, but each Canadian release often contains the fixes from (equivalent to) multiple U.S. releases.
    The problems with reports are documented and supposedly on the table to be tweaked.  Right now all the effort is being placed in the Mobile problems, I hope soon they will use some developers to work on other problems that are easy fixes or seem to be easy compared to the Cloud Sync issues.

    FYI you can use the Annual view with "Show Details" chosen and get a very good representation of what the budget report should look like in its default state.  Along with that you can use the Income/Expense by Category Report to View at the same time along the month being viewed on the budget screen.  This report does have the Transfers properly included and the report can be customized.

    Just a work around until reports are fixed.
    • Once again, I feel like a Beta Tester for Quicken.  I had Budget Reports from 2007 that still worked in Q-2012.  However, I can't make any sense out of those same reports using Q-2013.  They certainly don't provide any Details.  All I can get is Summary reports.  This thing is a mess!!!!  Maybe they need to hire some analysts AND developers AND testers that know something about Budgets.  I think I'll skip buying Quicken when Q-2014 comes out.   #@%$#^&$
    • I agree.  This software was released way too fast.  This many problems shows a serious error in QA.
    • Last year's budget portion was a disaster.  I have been hoping that the bugs would be gone this year.
    • I finally resorted to putting transactions in an Excel spreadsheet, then compared them with the Quicken report and got a reconcilliation.  A shame that I had to resort to these measures, but I can now be assured I am getting accurate budget reports, even if the transfer amounts are not shwoing up in the report.  This budget function is a train wreck.  I used 2011 and found it flawless.  This version is a disaster.  I hope they fix it.
    It appears that the latest patch has fixed the problem with transfers not showing up on the reports.  I still prefer the budget functionality that was in the 2011 version, but at least I can once again have confidence in the reports.  I don't recall Intuit having to release 9 patches before; I presume somebody was fired for this fiasco.
    • I just downloaded QEM and cannot get my transfers to show up on the budget.  When I click "monthly detail" it shows that the transfer has taken place and I have put the correct category... but it still shows nothing in the!
    • This discussion is about Quicken for Windows. You need to initiate your own discussion.
    I'm with you.  2013 is a vast improvement over 2012, however.  Now they're fixed on the web app.  I'm not worried about waiting for December to end.  I have a whole month.
    • I meant they spend all their time on the web app.
    There does not seem to be an easy way to do this, as there used to be.  See my work-around at the end of my post below.

    Release 9 – The Good, The Bad, And A Work-Around
    I have been a Quicken user for probably a decade. While I have always been patient with the glitches in the annual updates, Quicken 2013 seems to have an unprecedented number of problems. In its current form, this is really not good, easy-to-use budgeting software. Fortunately, there was enough done by Quicken in Release 9 to allow me to do a budget, although it is a multi-step work-around.

    Release 9 - The good...

    (1) When I click on the planning tab and I see my current budget, certain transfers are now in the right place. For example, for my income budget category, my 401k contribution transfers show up in the income budget category. Before, the 401k contribution showed up in the Quicken created “Personal Expenses” category, although it was properly assigned to my income budget category budget group. Now, it is in the right place on my planning page, though not on budget reports.

    (2) And, there is now a sum for each budget category on the planning page, although for income budget categories, the sum is way off. See (a) below.

    (3) Budget reports run with the “non-zero, budgeted only” option seem to work.

    Release 9 - The bad...

    (a) When providing a sum for the income budget category on the planning tab, Quicken ADDS my transfers to my salary. Likewise, Quicken ADDS all of the taxes that are normally deducted from my paycheck to my salary on the planning tab. Both the taxes and 401k transfers are correctly subtracted from my salary in the paycheck reminder, giving me my net pay. Unfortunately, on the planning tab, the sum of my income budget category is 1 1⁄2 times the amount of my salary rather than my net pay. Likewise, the totals shown at the bottom of the planning page are not correct.

    (b) Also, on the planning tab, my budget category groups do not show up in numerical order. For example... 18. Reimbursement, 19. Misc., 01A. My Income, 01B. Spouse’s Income, 03. Savings, 20. Debts.

    (c) Next, I tried to run a budget report for the current month’s budget, hoping that the math would be right in a budget report giving me something I can work with to budget for 2013. The category groups in the budget report are in the right order, but... 01A. My Income, 01B. Spouse’s Income, 02. Charity, 04. Housing. Budget category group 03. Saving/Investing is missing. Not below number 19., where the planning tab had it, with the correct transfer account, I might add. I tried all of the Customize options. Budget category .03 is checked; it’s just missing in the budget report. (I later figured this out that because only transfers to savings were assigned to this category group, and transfers are not shown in their assigned category groups in the budget reports, the entire group does not show on the budget report.) (See (d) below.)

    (d) The second problem I notice with the budget report is that my 401k transfer, which had showed up correctly in the budget tab, is now back in the random Quicken “PERSONAL EXPENSES” category with all of the other transfers, not in the “01A. My Income” budget category where it belongs.

    (e) The third problem I notice with the budget report is that there is no sum of the income budget categories at all, where there was at least a grossly inflated sum on the budget tab. At least on the budget tab, there was an incorrect number, so I knew that something was being added together. (The expense-only budget categories sum correctly on the line showing the name of the budget category group.)

    (g) Another issue is that reminders are still showing up as actuals in future budget months in the planning tab, with no apparent way to opt out. Note that reminders do not show up as actuals in budget reports.

    My work-around for 2013 budgeting with Quicken 2013.

    Fortunately, although the budget reports look strange (keep reading), the math seems to be working. I made sure that all of my income, expenditures and transfers were in their proper category group. Then I ran income and expenditure budget reports separately using my category groups. On the income side, for example, although the only budget category groups selected for the report in “customize” are “01A. My Income” and “01B. Spouse’s Income”, the report also shows the Quicken “PERSONAL EXPENSES” category, which happens to include only those transfers that I selected to be part of the selected budget categories. Turns out that the sum of the “01A. My Income” and “01.B Spouse’s Income” budget categories along with the transfers shown in the “PERSONAL EXPENSES” category correctly reflects the amount of my and my wife’s take-home pay. You have to run the income budget report separately from the expenditure budget report to calculate take-home pay because income category groups are not summed on the report. It also appears that the overall budget numbers are calculating correctly, so this can be worked with, although not very conveniently.
      Thanks for your thoughtful response ... and that is a doable workaround.

      Intuit/Quicken should be deeply embarrassed by what they have done to the product.

      Question is ... will they be able to repair the product and the reputation?
      • I agree wholeheartedly.  Very frustrating.
      • Extremely frustrating.
      2012 Premier budget was a disaster for the whole year.  They didn't even attempt a fix to 2012.  I think they put a lot of work in 2013 but still are having problems.  Actually, I'm pretty satisfied with 2013.
      • I skipped over 2012, which I am glad that I did with what I hear from you and others.  I use Quicken almost entirely for budgeting, and the budget methods I used before simply stopped working in 2013.  I think if they fix the things I have identified above, it will be pretty good for budgeting.  And we will be good to go for a couple of years.  It is just frustrating not to have a smoothly working budget in place for January 1.  I get the sense that they tried to do too much with 2013.
      • Need you Help.  I have Quicken 2013 for Home & Business, Release 10.

        Using the Planning -> Budgets, how can I create a Monthly Budget for 2013, based on Actual Monthly expenses from 2012?  It is no longer inherently obvious to me.  Can someone just walk me thru the process?  Maybe I need some pictures.
      • HartmanF , On top of either view you see now December 2012.  with arrows to left and right.  Click the right arrow which will take you to Jan 2013 and you get this popup. Choose whichever option you want and you are into the 2013 budget.  
      Note: I am already done with my 2013 budget, so I had to arrow to 2014 to get the screen shot for you.
      • I just tried to create a duplicate.  The duplicate had no categories and, of course, a 0 budget.  I deleted it and created another.  It had a zero budget and no categories.  I think it needs more work.
      • Once 2013 appears, by hitting the "arrow on right of 2012", how do you get rid of it, so you can re-create the Budget for 2013?

        I tried the following process, but that did NOT work.  @##%$

        Set the "arrow on right" to "2013".  Then, use "Budget Actions -> Create new budget" (i.e., "Budget 2013") to link a new budget to year 2013.  Then, making sure you have both the newly created budget (i.e., "Budget 2013") AND year 2013 showing, using the Annual View, Delete the newly created budget (i.e., "Budget 2013").
      • Close and reopen Quicken.  Delete your 2013 budget and do it over again.  It seems to work.
      • Thanks, but THAT didn't work, either.  The year "2013" didn't go away.  So, my Budget for 2013 is whacked.  Doesn't show any budget values, at all, unless I tie the year 2013 with the Budget for 2012.  Totally UNSAT!!!!.
      • To make 2013 go away hit the left arrow which takes U back to Dec 2012. I am unfollowing this thread as I obviously can not communicate simple procedures.
      • That's not what I meant, Chrisdvd.  I want the year "arrow on right" now set to "2013", to go away, totally, so I can re-create a NEW Budget for 2013, using the process you outlined, above.
      • This is my 2nd attempt to respond to this comment:
        This thread is related to a specific Q2013 budget report issue identified during Beta testing.
        HartmanF, I believe your issue is related to, 'How to develop a 2013 budget using Q2013'. I suggest asking this question in a new thread; I'm sure the QLC community will help you.
      Am I missing something which is obvious? I'm using the new Release 10.

      Is there a report (either standard or custom) which:
      Compares actual to budget
      Income at the top, followed by expenses
      With subcategories displayed and subtotaled?

      This was easily done in Quicken11.
      • Options, first tab, bottom, change the drop down from Category Group to Income/Expense.
      • ?  Sorry looking for this and R-10 "Reports" for "Options" and where are you?

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