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Will Quicken work with Windows 8?

  • I have Quicken 2010 Premier (PC version) running in Windows 8 on a MacBook Pro Retina via Parallels 8. For the most part, it works well. Sometimes the a window might get disfigured. The biggest problem is that I can print on one printer (Brother MFC) via LAN, but it prints double sided. So I can only print one check at a time. I can't print to an old Dell 1710 connected via USB. This is probably a printer driver problem. Also, the PDF printing utility does not work.
  • I have Quicken 2011 for Home and Business and Windows 8 .. I find it runs noticeably slower on a much more powerful PC.
  • Mine is the older 2008 Deluxe version and my comp is a 1 TB 6GB CPU. With no noticeable slowdown.
  • There should be no reason (in Quicken) for it to go slower on a Windows 8 machine.  Windows 8 is a slightly more efficient Windows 7.
    If there is a noticeable difference then here are a few thoughts.
    1) Check the setting for Edit -> Preferences -> Setup -> Turn on Animation, it has found on some display cards (usually very powerful ones) this setting has slows them down.
    2) Copy and validate your data file.  Some small data corruptions have been found to slow thing down.
    3) It is possible that in fact your much more powerful computer isn't more powerful for Quicken.  Quicken is an old program written for "single threaded".  What this means is it can only make use of one core.  Newer computers have been getting more cores, but in some cases they are running at a slower pace then some old CPUs.  So if the old computer ran at 3.5 GHz and the new one has more cores, but runs at 3.0 GHz it is in fact a slower machine for Quicken.
  • Did the above and it really helped the speed of my 2013 Quicken running on Windows 8.
    Thank you.
  • I am having a problem with Quicken Premier 2013 and Windows 8.  I have a brand new Dell with Core i5 and 6 gig of memory.  Quicken takes several seconds to save each transaction.  The same data file in my old xp computer works without a problem.  Is there a solution?
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[added - Dec'2012 - Windows 8 has been added to the system requirements of Quicken 2010 thru Quicken 2013]

Intuit doesn't list Windows 8 as a tested OS in the system requirements of any of the versions.
Most users reporting in have not had any problems, but some have.  YMMV
Write back with your findings if you do change to Windows 8.

  • I was running Q 2010 trouble free on the release preview of Win 8 for a couple of months. Now I'm on the official retail Win 8 since it came out a few days ago, and still using Q without issue.
  • I just purchased a new PC with windows 8 and I cannot get Quicken to download I get a report says the download file is corrupted.  I was using Windows 7 prior Quicken is 2010 deluxe.  Any suggestions?
  • I cannot get Quicken to download I get a report says the download file is corrupt.

    Where in the process are you?  Is the product installed?  Are you talking about a download of the product from Intuit that fails during the download, or are you talking about one step update?
  • Intuit is/was having problems with their server-services provider and the "corrupt file report" issue is the result.

    The file should be safe, but downloading it is your choice.

    I know the other day, Google Chrome was complaining about it, but IE wasn't.  Depends on who is your download guard for these sort of things.  The antivirus program I run, McAfee was not complaining with either browser.

    Do you have the file downloaded and saved on the original computer maybe?  You know it would be safe.
There are several free PDF printers available out there that will work with Quicken. Though I don't know specifically about Windows 8.

I have "CutePDF" working fine with Q2010 and Q2013 and 64 bit Windows 7.
    Just for reference.  I'm using Quicken 2013 Premier on two Windows 8 32-bit machines.  One is a laptop and one is a desktop.
    I have not encountered any problems.
      I think there is a problem with Quicken 2008 and Windows 8. I can not get my wife's screen to open and access the quicken files without going though the paces like she first downloaded it. When she clicks the quicken Icon, it opens quicken, but immediately asks her if she is a first time user etc. The only way she can access a current file is to go through the stupid "first time user" steps, and select a file that I must provide from the Network folder. Trust me, I have tried Everything I can think of, to no avail. If anyone has an answer, I would greatly appreciate it.
      • LasVegasEd777:
        How long is the file name?  Quicken can get picky if the file's name is longer than eight characters, 12345678.QDF.
        Shorten it using Windows Explorer and then start Quicken again.  You will need to find it the first time, but after that, all should work as expected.

        [added - see next two comments]
      • If you are using QW2008, you will have several files to rename using Windows.  Perhaps a .QPH, .QEL, .IDX, and any others with the same lead filename for the .QDF file.
      • Also, Quicken 2008 has a rename routine on the File menu which will ensure that all of the files that q.lurker wrote about in the data set will be appropriately renamed.
      I tried using the path C:Users\Sandra\Downloads   figuring it would make it possible for her to pick it up by clicking Restore backup file and getting it from her screen. However, it just created a new file with the same path but on my screen only.
      So, both of our screens have the above path as a backup, yet the only way to get a current file to her screen is to manually send it via the network. I tried making a path to back up the file to the network so she could grab it from there, but Quicken wont let me create a path directly to my network.   So, I'm a little closer, in that I made it possible for her to open a file without getting an access denial, the new problem is how to share it.   Thank you for your quick responses btw.
      • OK, I managed to figure it out. Hopefully, if anyone else has this problem I might be able to help them.
        From the main Windows 8 screen Backup Quicken by selecting File--Backup--Browse---computer---users--(name)--downloads   On the final destination, you can pick from several places besides Downloads. Remember, obviously, the secondary screen must restore the backup file every time the primary backs up the file. When setting up the secondary screen, make sure to have the correct path selected when selecting the restore file. I have not tested if this process is reversible (secondary screen making changes and backing up files)
           Hope this helps, it works for me.
      I just bought two new computers with Windows 8.  Installed Quicken 2006 on both and it works fine, but won't print.  The Quicken PDF Printer  will not load.  I have tried the "RestorePdfDriver.bat" with no luck.  Without the Quicken PDF Printer loaded, you cannot print anything to any device.  Guess I'll be writing checks by hand. 
      • I got it to work as follows:
        Go to Control Panel>Devices and Printers>Add a printer
        Select "The printer I want isn't listed">Add a local or network printer with manual settings
        Use LPT1, Manufacturer Amyuni Technologies
        Then select Amyuni Document Converter 300 as the device driver (you may need to download it from Windows Update)
        and name the printer "Quicken PDF Printer"
        Good luck!
      I think Quicken works fine with windows 8. I only had issues at first, but they were more about getting used to Windows 8.
      Don't worry, it will work fine!
        I have Quiken 2010 runnign fine on Windows 8. However, it does nto see my network shares. I have a Y drive that is on a seperate server we use for backups. I am unable to find and network drives so i can not backup to the server.
        Anyone see this?
        • I don't have Quicken 2010 so I don't know if that is the problem, but I can backup to both a mapped drive and an UNC path (\\server\share\...).  You might see if an UNC path works.

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