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Quicken 2013: Can't See Transactions After Closing Loan Account

I was trying out the new Close Account feature and I chose to close out an old car loan account.  Now, the "Payment Details" tab is completely gone.

I'm running Quicken 2013 RPM R5.
    • Tamara,

      What am I supposed to gather from this link?  The loan account in question is not Online-activated.
    • Nevermind... kept reading... Thank you.  For now, I will just avoid using the Close Account feature until the bugs are worked out.

      How do I get the payment detail information on closed loans?

       If the Loan account in question has been paid in full (has a zero balance) and/or Closed (Edit Account > Display > Close Account), the Payment Details are permanently hidden from view on the Accounts.  This has been reported to Product Development to see if they can present this information in a future release of the program.

      To see the transactions that were posted to a closed Loan account, run the following customized report:

          Go to Reports > Banking > Transactions
          Click Customize and make the following selections:
          Display > Include All Dates and Show Splits
          Accounts > select only the banking account(s) that the payments were made from
          Categories > select only the loan account (transfer category)

      The resulting report can be further modified, as desired, to sub-total by dates or accounts, select desired columns, etc. and then Saved to retain the details of the paid loan (even after any future product change that may restore the functionality of the loan account register).

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